"We discover peace through (and in) the realization that the whole of existence is reflected in the parts, and from the parts comes the ever-greater whole. We discover the whole world needs the whole world."






Director of International Peace & Conflict Resolution

Housed in the School of International Service at American University, International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) is for students and faculty concerned with understanding the causes of war and organized violence, developing strategies for resolving conflict, and constructing conditions for peace. Peace, in this context, encompasses social justice and human rights, political pluralism, cultural diversity, ecological balance, and nonviolent conflict resolution and transformation.

Director of American University Center for Global Peace

The Center for Global Peace offers programs and initiatives both on and off campus that advance the study and understanding of world peace grounded in a search for a sustainable world order. The center provides a forum for deliberating about contemporary issues and is dedicated to innovation in scholarship, teaching and policy anaylsis, and community service.

Mohammed Said Farsi Professor of Islamic Peace

This endowed chair is the first at any university in the United States that is devoted to the study of Islam and peace. The purpose of the chair is to promote the study and understanding of Islamic values and traditions and of Islamic contributions to the quest for global peace, community, and human solidarity. Activities of the Chair include international conferences and symposia, as well as course development and publications.


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