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Islamic Traditions of Peace and Nonviolence: Responding to Contemporary Challenges

Monday, May 5th, 2008, 9am to 5 pm                Location: Butler Board Room, 6th floor Mary Graydon Center, American University Campus, Washington, DC

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American University Center for Global Peace team will take a leadership role in supporting the establishment of an Independent, National Human Rights Commission in Iraq

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“Achieving a unifying global consensus as the basis for a humane, ecologically  viable, new global system is possible. A new global system requires new political and social arrangements, a new (or renewed) vision of humankind's  existential reality and purpose, and an unrelenting effort to make the former  truly reflect the latter. This is an agenda worthy of what we see as the best in  human nature and experience.” 

Abdul Aziz Said
Director, Center for  Global Peace

AU Partners in Peace

Program in International Peace and Conflict Resolution


The Division of International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) is a multi-disciplinary, academic degree-granting program in the School  of International Service designed for students and faculty concerned with the causes of war and organized violence and the conditions for peace.

Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace


The Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace is the  first chair endowed at any university in the United States that is devoted to  the study of Islam and peace. The chair will promote the study and understanding of Islamic values and traditions, and of Islamic contributions to the quest for global peace, world community, and human solidarity.

Peacebuilding and Development Institute


The Peacebuilding and Development Institute provides knowledge, practical experience and skills for scholars and practitioners involved in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and development. There are two components to the institute: one is the summer professional training program and the other is the year-round practical training, capacity building, and curriculum development programs in conflict areas.

Washington S emester in Peace and Conflict Resolution


The peace and conflict resolution semester explores how the  forces of globalism have transformed conflict and raised new challenges to our  existing institutions and practices for promoting peace.

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