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The State of Human Development in the Global South: A Comparison of the Latin American and Arab Regions April 8, 2003   9am to 5pm

Co-Sponsored by The Kogod School of Business,
the Washington College of Law

This year's conference was attended by  members of the diplomatic corps, student body and regional NGOs.  The panels featured the following subjects  and speakers.  By clicking on the link to the panelist's name, you can view each speaker's Powerpoint presentation or and/or  paper:

  Panel I     
 Profiles in Human Development: Arab Region and Latin America
Chair:  Colin Bradford, Jr., AU
Zahir Jamal, UNDP Regional Bureau Arab States
Carolyn Fawcett, School of International Service, AU

Panel II

Governance, Knowledge and Women’s Empowerment
Chair:  Diane Singerman, AU
Mona Kaidbey, UNFPA
Shaha Riza, World Bank, MENA Region
Hector Schamis, Woodrow Wilson Fellow

Introduction:  Paul Wapner, AU
Speaker:  Mohamed T. El-Ashry
                 CEO and Chairman, Global Environmental Facility

.   Panel III
The Scope and Direction of Change in the Regional and Global Environment
Chair: Catherine O’Neill, UNIC-Washington
Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla, Sr. Fellow, IFPRI
Ziad Hafez, Economist, IFC, World Bank