Installing the Mathwright Library Player.
You may want to print these instructions for easy reference before beginning.

1.  The installation file is approximately 2MB. Click here to download it. If you use Winzip and have it configured to recognize and download winzip archives, then the installation file will automatically be saved to your download folder. Otherwise, before the file is downloaded, you will have a chance to say where you want it stored on your hard disk. Make note of the location. Be sure the file has completely downloaded before going to the next step.

2. Find the file (it will be mathwrightlibraryplayer2_1.exe, unless you renamed it) and open it the way you normally open a file.

3. You should see a dialog box something like the one below. Click Yes.


4. Another Window will open, saying "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Mathwright Library Player 2.1" Click on the button marked Next.

5. After a short delay to extract some files, you should see a window something like the one below.

Click the button marked Next.

6. Now a license agreement will be displayed. To continue the installation you must accept the terms of the licence by clicking the button marked Yes.

7. Next you will see a window concerning this installation and the Mathwright Library Player 2000. You should not install this free version of the Mathwright Library Player, if you already have the Mathwright Library Player 2000. To continue installing the free version following these instructions, click the Next button.

8. The next window allows you to specify where on your hard disk you wish to install the mathwright player. It is recommended to simply click the Next button, causing the player to be installed in C:\Mathlibr\Program.

9. The next window concerns the location of the library player on your start menu. It is recommended to click the Next button without changing anything. That will create an item on the start menu called Mathwright Library, which will contain the reader program.

10. The following display should now appear:


This is your last chance to make changes before the actual installation of files occurs. To continue with the installation, click the Next button.

This completes the installation of the software.