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2012 Schedule

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This KSB Seminar series is co-run by Profs. Valentina Bruno and Michel Robe (Finance) and Susan Krische (Accounting); Contact: mrobe@american.edu; Telephone: (+1) 202-885-1880.

Current seminars (from Fall 2012 onward) are posted here.

The Economics Department runs a brownbag seminar series on Wednesdays upcoming and past brownbags can be found here.

Since 2000, most seminars have been organized by Prof. Michel Robe (programs can be found here for 2011, 2010, 2009, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001).

Other KSB Seminar organizers include Profs. R. Hauswald (2006, 2007 and Spring 2008), K. Rodgers & V. Bruno (Fall 2008 and Spring 2009),

M. Robe & V. Bruno (2009-2010) and M. Robe, V. Bruno & S. Krische (2011-2012).


metal1.GIFSeminars Spring 2012 (click here for the schedule in printable format)


Unless otherwise specified, AU-based Spring Seminars shall be held in KSB 215 from 10.30 to noon on Friday.

For information on CFTC-based seminars, please contact Prof. Robe on a case-by-case basis.

January & February: Finance Recruiting Seminars


March 2nd Martijn Cremers, Yale University (AU - Finance seminar)

Input and Output Hedging, Adverse Incentives and Market Power   (joint with L. De Angelis)


March 9th & 16th - No Seminar (Spring Break)


March 23rd Ravi Dharwadkar, Syracuse U (Accounting Seminar)

Board Interlocks and Earnings Quality


March 30th Zsuzanna Fluck, Michigan State University U (AU - Finance seminar)

                Bond Covenants and the Defeasance of Control Rights


April 6th (Good Friday) and 13th No Seminar


April 16th Gilles Chemla, Imperial College, London and CEPR (Joint AU/CFTC Thursday Financial Economics Seminar)

            Skin in the Game and Moral Hazard (joint with C. Hennessy, LBS and CEPR)


April 18th Pradeep Yadav, U of Oklahoma (Joint AU/SEC Thursday Finance Seminar)

            Hiding Behind the Veil: Informed Traders and Pre-Trade Opacity (joint with K. Kumar, NISM (India) and R. Thirumalai, Indian School of Business)

            April 27 Ling Lisic, George Mason University (Accounting Seminar)
                        "CEO Power on Audit Committee Effectiveness"

            May 18 Isabel Figuerola-Ferretti Guarrigues, U Carlos III of Madrid
(Joint AU/CFTC Friday Financial Economics Seminar)
                        "The recent behavior of commodity prices: Fundamentals, speculative bubbles and relation to the global economic environment (joint with C. Gilbert and J.R. McCrorie)"



metal1.GIFSeminars Fall 2012


Unless otherwise specified, AU-based Fall Seminars shall be held in KSB 215 from 10.30 to noon on Thursday (Finance) or Friday (Accounting).

Friday, September 7 - Allison Koester, Georgetown University (Accounting)
            "Assessing Tax Accrual Quality"

Friday, September 21 - Mark Nelson, Cornell University (Accounting)
        "Effects of Procedure Frame, Procedure Verifiability, and Audit Efficiency Pressure on Planning Audits of Fair Values"

Thursday September 27th  Igor Isobov, U of Georgia
        "Rate-Sensitive Debt and Financial Flexibility"   

Wednesday, October 3 - Ron Alquist, Bank of Canada (Finance, in conjunction with CFTC)

October 10-11 - No Seminar (Fall Break)

Friday, October 19 - Internal Presentation, Gopal Krishnan and Yinqi Zhang (Accounting)

Thursday, November 1 - Ivan Ivanov, SEC

Thursday, November 8 - Audra Boone, Texas A&M University and SEC

November 22-23 - No Seminar (Thanksgiving Break)

Friday, November 30 - Karl Muller, Penn State University (Accounting)




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