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A Brief Vitae 

Working Papers

Liquidity Provision under Stress: The Fast, the Slow, and the Dead (with V. Raman and P. Yadav; AEA 2017 presentation)

The Third Dimension of Financialization: Intraday Institutional Trading and Commodity Market Quality (with V. Raman and P. Yadav; AEA 2017 presentation)

Information Flows across the Futures Term Structure (with D. Lautier and F. Raynaud; R&R, Energy Journal)

Does "Paper Oil" Matter (with B. Buyukşahin; an SSRN "top-ten new paper"; R&R, Energy Journal)

            Fundamentals, Trader Activity and Derivative Pricing (with B. Buyukşahin, M. Haigh, J. Harris & J. Overdahl; SSRN "top-ten new paper";                                                                                                                                             R&R, Journal of Financial Economics)

            The Welfare Costs of Macroeconomic Fluctuations under Incomplete Markets: Evidence from State-Level Consumption Data (with K. Jacobs & S. Pallage)

            Penalties and Optimality in Financial Contracts: Taking Stock (with E.-M. Steiger & P.-A. Michel; SSRN "top-ten new paper")

Limited Liability Rules, Financial Innovation and Capital Structure Complexity (an SSRN "top-ten new paper")

How Costly are Limited Liability Rules? (an SSRN "all-time top-ten")

Select Publications

            Sugar with your Coffee? (with G. Covindassamy & J. Wallen)
Forthcoming, Journal of Futures Markets, 2017

           The Financialization of Food (with V. Bruno & B. Buyukşahin)
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2017

            Fundamentals, Derivatives Market Information and Oil Price Volatility (with J. Wallen; SSRN "top-ten new paper")
Journal of Futures Markets
- 2016

Foreign Central Bank Activities in U.S. Futures Markets (with R.P.H. Fishe and A. Smith)
Journal of Futures Markets - 2016

 Counterpart Funds and the Foreign Aid Procyclicality Puzzle (with S. Pallage)
                Oxford Review of Economic Policy
- 2015

Insolvency and its Consequences: A Historical Perspective
(with E.-M. Steiger
Journal for Institutional Comparisons (CESifo DICE Report) - 2015

Speculators, Commodities and Cross-Market Linkages  (with B.
Buyuksahin; an SSRN "top-ten new paper"; a top-20 JIMF "hottest papers")
Journal of International Money and Finance, March 2014

OPEC "Fair Price" Pronouncements and the Market Price of Crude Oil (with C. Brunetti, B. Buyukşahin and K. Soneson)
              Energy Journal - October 2013

Physical Markets, Paper Markets and the WTI-Brent Spread
(with B. Buyukşahin, T. Lee & J. Moser)
              Energy Journal - July 2013

Market Incompleteness & the Equity Premium Puzzle: Evidence from State-Level Data (joint with K. Jacobs & S. Pallage)
            Journal of Banking and Finance - February 2013

            Does It Matter Who Trades Energy Derivatives? (joint with B. Buyukşahin)
                        Review of Environment, Energy and Economics - March 2012

Demutualization and Customer Protection at Self-Regulatory Financial Exchanges (joint with D. Reiffen)
            Journal of Futures Markets - February 2011

Commodities and Equities: A "Market of One"? (joint with B. Buyukşahin & M. Haigh)
            Journal of Alternative Investments - Winter 2010

On the Potential of Foreign Aid as Insurance (joint with S. Pallage & C. Berube)
            IMF Staff Papers - December 2006

The Impact of Illegal Trading in Dealer and Specialist Markets (joint w. Pat Fishe)
            Journal of Financial Economics - March 2004

On the Welfare Costs of Economic Fluctuations in Developing Countries (joint w. S. Pallage )
            International Economic Review - May 2003

What Can We Learn from Simulating a Standard Financial Agency Model
            Economics Letters, November 2001

Foreign Aid and the Business Cycle (joint w. S. Pallage )
                        Review of International Economics - November 2001

             Optimal vs. Traditional Securities Under Moral Hazard (JFQA - June 1999)

Course Materials - Spring 2017

FIN-674 and FIN-465

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