01/26: Group Composition and Presentations

Group 1: Nakshbendi, Orozco, Karsimov, Gouloubandi

    Presentations: 3, 4

Group 2: Sterlin, Fontelo, Mistra, Rai

    Presentations: 6, 10

Group 3: Maletz, Khurana, Khanna, H. Nguyen, Tracy

    Presentations: 2, 8

Group 4: Dib, Abresch, Diedzic, Martin, D. Nguyen

    Presentations: 7, 9

Group 5: Matiukas, Miller, Kelly

    Presentations: 5, 8

Group 6: Volkova, Zkresvska, Shah

    Presentations: 1, 6

The groups that have not signed up for presentations, yet will need to do so soon. It is incumbent upon you to contact me about the particular perspective of your presentation in case the assignment of a particular point of view is unclear or just one presentation is scheduled.