Final Project

    A final group project (same groups) analyzes a recent bank failure such as Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, or the Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy which has been very much in the news in the last years from a financial-analysis perspective. On the basis of detailed financial data you are asked to track the company's evolving financial health and write a confidential analyst or supervisory report on its financial position. To this end, you will have to research the company, its business model, operating policies, investment behavior, etc. An additional class and analytic exercise will introduce you to the relevant data sources and analytical tools available in the Finance Lab.
    The final submission should conform to the typical format of an analyst report consisting of an executive summary, supporting documentation, and recommendations to the risk-management committee of your (imaginary) company or regulatory agency to be turned in both by email and in hardcopy (including research material and URLs). Bonus points will be awarded should students decide to write a full-fledged case studies (case with exhibits, teaching note, student instructions, note to instructor, wrap-up slides) for use in this course. Should you be interested in this option detailed instructions for researching and writing a case study together with background materials will be made available to you.