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Honor Society Class Standing for Eligibility School

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Alpha Kappa Psi (Lambda Nu Chapter)
Dedicated to professional development, ethical standards and service in business conduct


Donald Brenner
Faculty Advisor
Ext. 1925

Alpha Lambda Delta
Honor society for outstanding scholastic achievement

Danny Kelley
Ext. 3302

Alpha Phi Sigma
National honor society for criminal justice recognizing scholarship in the justice field

All standings in Criminal Justice


Linda Spicer
Staff Liaison
Ext. 6456

Beta Gamma Sigma
Business Management society Business & Management students Kogod

Gary Bulmash
Faculty Advisor
Ext. 1935

Epsilon Chi Omicron
International Business society seeking to enhance educational field and to provide networking opportunities

Juniors and Seniors Kogod
Golden Key
Recognizing outstanding scholarship, service, and leadership for students in all academic fields

Seniors All

Danny Kelley
Ext. 3301

National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Honoring students for outstanding scholarship and community service

Freshmen and


Sara Stiles
Faculty Advisor
Ext. 6082

Phi Beta Kappa (Phi Kappa Phi Chapter)

For exceptional academic achievement in the liberal arts Juniors and Seniors All

Matt Wickens
Staff Advisor
Ext. 2447

Pi Alpha Alpha
National Honor Society for public affairs and administration, for graduate students only Graduate Students SPA

Janet Nagler
Staff Advisor
Ext. 6224

Pi Alpha Delta
Prelaw Honor society open to all undergraduates All Students All

Matthew Pascocello
WCL Staff Advisor
Ext. 4092

Pi Sigma Alpha
National Political Science honor society recognizing academic and professional achievement

Seniors and



Steven Taylor
Faculty Advisor
Ext. 6241

Sigma Iota Rho Alpha Chapter
Interdisciplinary scholarly recognition for International Relations Juniors and Seniors SIS

Antonia Davidson
Staff Advisor
Ext. 1843

Upsilon Pi Epsilon
International honor society that recognizes academic excellence in Computer Science

or Graduate
Students in
computer science



Angela Wu
Ext. 1476

4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016 (202) 885-1000
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