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cancellations of classes

Occasionally it is necessary to cancel a scheduled course because of low enrollment, because of the last-minute unavailability of an instructor, or for other unavoidable reasons. Every effort is made to announce cancellation before the first class meeting, but this is not always possible. If a course is canceled, a student who does not choose to transfer to another course may receive a full refund of the tuition and fees paid for the canceled course by completing a refund request form in the Office of Student Accounts.

Emergency Cancellation of Classes

Classes at the American University are expected to meet according to the announced schedule and no instructor is authorized to change the day, hour, or place of any meeting. Unless cancellation of classes is announced publicly through the usual local communication media, classes will meet. When cancellation of classes is necessary, instructors are expected to arrange additional reading, study assignments, or class meetings to compensate for the time lost in class attendance. Call (202) 885-1100 for updates on campus closings.

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