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Bank of Items : Student Development

Student Development | Instructor Ratings | Course Elements

Knowledge and Skills
101   I learned a good deal of factual material in this course.
102   I learned to identify main points and central issues in this field.
103   I gained a good understanding of concepts and principles in this field.
104   I developed an understanding of the ethical issues in this field.
105   I learned what perspectives on race, class, gender and culture add to this field.
106   I learned to apply principles from this course to new situations.
107   I improved my ability to identify and analyze problems.
108   I learned to evaluate the quality of work in this field.
109   I developed the ability to evaluate new work in this field.
110   I developed the ability to give appropriate evaluations of other students' work.
111   I developed the ability to solve real problems in this field.
112   I improved my research skills in this course.
113   I developed the ability to carry out original research about this subject.
114   I developed the ability to communicate clearly about this subject.
115   I improved my writing skills in this course.
116   I improved my quantitative reasoning skills in this course.
117   I improved my organizational and time management skills in this course.
118   I learned to identify formal characteristics of work in this field.
119   I improved the level of my skills in the physical activity of this course.
120   I developed creative ability in this course.
121   I gained a broader understanding of my major by taking this course.

Interests and Curiosity
131   I deepened my interest in the subject matter of this course.
132   I developed enthusiasm about the course material.
133   I was stimulated to do outside reading about the course material.
134   I was stimulated to discuss related topics outside of class.
135   I developed plans to take additional related courses.

Social Skills and Attitudes
141   I learned to participate actively in class discussion.
142   I participated in a study-group for this course.
143   I developed leadership skills in this class.
144   I developed greater awareness of societal problems.
145   I became interested in community projects related to the course.
146   I learned to value my own viewpoints.
147   I learned to consider the viewpoints of my colleagues in this class.
148   I reconsidered some of my former attitudes.

151   I gained a better understanding of myself through this class.
152   I increased my awareness of my own interests and talents.
153   I gained an understanding of some of my personal concerns.
154   I developed a greater sense of personal responsibility.
155   I developed confidence in myself.

Professional Skills and Attitudes
161   I was introduced to important professional perspectives by guest lecturers.
162   I developed the specialized skills needed by professionals in this field.
163   I learned about career opportunities.
164   I developed a clearer sense of professional identity.

Student Development | Instructor Ratings | Course Elements

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