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General Education Program

For more information visit the General Education web site.
Course Descriptions

Curricular Area 1: The Creative Arts

Foundation Courses: Students select a 100-level course in one of the two clusters.

Second-level Courses: Students select a 200-level course in the same cluster as the foundation course.

Cluster One: Understanding Creative Processes

Foundation Courses

ARTS-100 Art: The Studio Experience

LIT-105 The Literary Imagination

PERF-110 Understanding Music

PERF-115 Theater: Principles, Plays and Performance

Second-Level Courses

ARTS-205 The Artist’s Perspective: Drawing

ARTS-210 The Artist’s Perspective: Painting

ARTS-215 The Artist’s Perspective: Sculpture

LIT-215 Writers in Print/in Person

PERF-200 Dance and Society

PERF-205 Masterpieces of Music

PERF-210 Greatness in Music

PERF-225 The African American Experience in the Performing Arts

Cluster Two: Understanding Creative Works

Foundation Courses

ARTH-105 Art: The Historical Experience

COMM-105 Visual Literacy

LIT-120 Interpreting Literature

LIT-135 Critical Approach to the Cinema

Second-Level Courses

ANTH-225 Language and Human Experience

ARTH-210 Modern Art: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

ARTH-215 Architecture: Washington and the World

LIT-225 The African Writer

LIT-245 The Experience of Poetry

LIT-270 Transformations of Shakespeare

PERF-215 Opera on Stage and Film

PERF-220 Reflections of American Society on Stage and Screen

PHIL-230 Meaning and Purpose in the Arts

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