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Grading Policies and Regulations

Grades are due within 72 hours (3 calendar days) following the scheduled date of the final examination. In unusual situations, brief extensions may be authorized by the dean. 

Each student whose name is listed on a grading roster is validly registered for the section and must receive a grade appropriate to the grade type (A-F, Pass/Fail, or Audit) for which a student registered. Note: For the Pass/Fail grade type, Pass is equivalent to performance at the level of “B” or better for graduate students and “C” or better for undergraduate students. See Grading System for a complete list of authorized grades. 

At the discretion of the instructor, the temporary grade “I” (Incomplete) may be assigned under the following conditions:

  1. Most required work has been completed;
  2. The student is passing the course;
  3. A deadline for completion before the end of the next major semester is specified;
  4. The instructor specifies a default grade to be recorded as the final grade if the student fails to complete remaining work by the set deadline.

If a student has failed to attend the class or submit enough work to be evaluated for a grade, the instructor may assign the administrative failing grade of “X” (or “ZX” if the student is on Pass/Fail grading) and document the cause for doing so in the comment field provided on the electronic roster. 

The grade of “IP” (In Progress) may be assigned as a temporary grade only in courses designated by the registrar as requiring work that extends beyond the normal end date of a standard academic term, e.g., independent study, thesis or dissertation research.                                  


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