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Last Update: June 1, 2005

Key to Transcripts

American University Transcripts
Official transcripts carry the date of issue, the signature of the University Registrar, and the seal of the university. When issued to the student, official transcripts carry the notation, "Issued Directly to Student."

Credit Hour Value
All undergraduate and graduate courses are valued in credit (or semester) hours. Generally, each credit hour is equal to 50 minutes of class instruction per week.

From fall 1970 through summer 1978, undergraduate credit was measured in course units, with values ranging from a quarter course (equivalent to one semester hour) through a full course (4 semester hours. For example: C01.00= one full course or 4 semester hours. Undergraduate students who completed a 3-semester-hour graduate level course received one full course credit. Thirty-two course units were required for a bachelor's degree. An undergraduate student was full-time when enrolled for the equivalent of 3 or more full courses.

Minimum Degree Requirements
Associate degree: A minimum of 60 credit hours
Bachelor's degree: A minimum of 120 credit hours of approved course work.
Master's degree: At least 30 credit hours of graduate work
Doctoral degree: At least 72 hours of graduate work

Full-Time Status
Undergraduate full-time status is 12 to 17 hours in a semester. A graduate student is full-time when enrolled for at least 9 hours in a semester.

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