Accomplishments of the 89th Congress (1965-1966)


Johnson's aides regarded the following legislation as landmark achieve­ments.  Note that the flood of legislation would continue, though at a somewhat diminished pace, during the 90th Congress (1967-68).



1. Medicare

2. Elementary and Secondary Education

3. Higher Education

4. Farm Bill

5. Department of Housing and Urban Development

6. Omnibus Housing Act (including rent supplements, and low and moderate income housing)

7. Social Security Increases

8. Voting Rights

9. Immigration Bill

10. Older Americans Act

11. Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke Research and Facilities

12. Law Enforcement Assistance Act

13. National Crime Commission

14. Drug Controls

15. Mental Health Research and Facilities

16. Health Professions Education

17. Medical Library Facilities

18. Vocational Rehabilitation

19. Inter‑American Bank Fund Increases

20. Stepping Up the War Against Poverty

21. Arts and Humanities Foundation

22. Appalachia

23. Highway Beautification

24. Air Pollution (auto exhausts and research)

25. Water Pollution Control (water quality standards)

26. High‑speed Ground Transportation

27. Extension and Strengthening of MDTA

28. Presidential Disability and Succession

29. Child Health Medical Assistance

30. Regional Development



1. The Department of Transportation

2. Truth in Packaging

3. Demonstration Cities

4. Funds for Rent Supplements

5. Funds for Teacher Corps

6. Asian Development Bank

7. Water Pollution (Clean Rivers)

8. Food for Peace

9. March Anti‑inflation package

10. Narcotics Rehabilitation

11. Child Safety

12. Vietnam Supplemental

13. Foreign Aid Extension

14. Traffic Safety

15. Highway Safety

16. Public Health Service Reorganization

17. Community Relations Service Reorganization

18. Water Pollution Control Administration Reorganization

19. Mine Safety

20. Allied Health Professions Training

21. International Education

22. Child Nutrition

23. Bail Reform

24. Civil Procedure Reforms

25. Tire Safety

26. Protection for Savers (increase in Federal insurance for savings accounts)

27. The GI Bill

28. Minimum Wage Increase

29. Urban Mass Transit

30. Elementary and Higher Education Funds


Source: Lawrence F. O'Brien and Joseph A. Califano, Jr., "Final Report to President Lyndon B. Johnson on the 89th Congress," Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Lyndon B. Johnson, 1966, Vol. 2 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1967), 1193‑94.


From Bruce J. Schulman, Lyndon B. Johnson and American Liberalism (1995)