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This website, which focuses on Information Technology in Indonesia,  is constructed as part of a class project for Impacts of National Information Technology Environments on Business.  The objective of this course, which is taught at the Kogod School of Business of the American University in Washington DC, is to “understand all dimensions of the landscape of I.T. at the national level.  It includes the ability to conduct a national IT assessment for any nation and analyze the  implications for the globally competing firm.” 

Whenever possible, on every page, the first paragraph briefly compares Indonesia's infrastructure to that of the Philippines.   We chose the Philippines because we believe that the two countries have many things in common such as the geographic location, economy and the information technology infrastructure.  The comparisons will hopefully give you a better understanding of the data and analysis on Indonesia that we have presented.

So, please take a look around and we hope it would be a very educational experience.  If you have any questions or comment regarding the content of this page, please feel free to contact Du Lieu at or Martin Hutagalung at

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Privatization and Deregulation
Hardware manufacturing
Software development
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(bymilitary, households and Labor)
IT Geographics
IT Financing
IT Labor Market
Government Policies
Legal Environment
Analysis : IT Strengths/ and Weaknesses
Analysis :Impacts on the Business
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