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Given Cuba's current economic struggle, the Cuban government has little resources with which to develop a leading IT economy. It likely that given the current international political sanctions, Cuba will need to transport its IT professionals abroad rather than create IT development centers on the island.

Silicon Calle

Cuba currently has no specific high-tech area similar to Silicon Valley. However, the Cuban government is promoting an initiative which they refer to as Silicon Calle: The High Technology Nexus of Cuba.

There is very little information available on this initiative other than the government's statement that "Silicon Calle is the best term for an emergent, albeit not clearly defined, inCUBAbator of high technology and communications in Cuba today" (93).

Silicon Island

Two Canadian companies have teamed up with two Cuban companies to attempt to make Cuba a Silicon Island. CubaSoft Solutions, Inc. as the four-company partnership is called, has the dual goals of recruiting IT talent to Canadian firms, and undertaking IT development projects for Cuban and Canadian firms (94).

CubaSoft hosted a symposium in October 1998 on the Silicon Island project, targeting Canadian government, industry, recruitment firms, technology companies and IT professionals. However, the results of the symposium were less than hoped for and were limited by the clear indication that political concerns remain front and center in business dealings with Cuba.


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