Information Technology in Italy
by Agnese de Leo & Rosa Gabriele  
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The development and status of Information technology in Italy is a complex question. Italians seem to be stuck with one foot on the shores of a technological oasis and the other in the quagmire of bureaucracy, suspicion and history. Perhaps this was not so noticeable until now because, historically technology has advanced at a slower pace, therefore the juxtaposition between the old and the new was not so apparent. Whereas, now technology is changing at lightening speed making Italy's precarious position more obvious and its next steps increasingly important. At present, Italy is just beginning to adapt to Internet technology while on the other hand the use of a cellular phone is already in a mature state.

The intent of this project is to examine Italian information technology in its early developmental stages, its current reality and its potential growth. We will highlight numerous topics from basic telecommunication infrastructure to electronic commerce and government policies. After extensive information searches and analysis, we have developed a mosaic of information that will assist in defining the impacts of the Italian information technology environment on business.

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last updated 12.19.2000