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This is not a common topic, and not many people know about it. Enter "cyber city" in a search engine, and the results will be a list of localities which claim high tech economies. These are not what a true Cyber City is. The purpose of this paper is to introduce, or clarify, to the reader what a Cyber City actually is.

We constructed the "how to" section by examining the results of cities attempts to become true cyber cities, as well as those who claim the title for marketing purposes. Our hope is that this will aid in the development of more cybercity initiatives in the future, or at least begin a dialogue about these cities.

The list of examples we present here is as comprehensive as we are able to acheive. However, we acknowlegde that there are some we do not cover.

If you wish to make any comments or suggestions on this site, feel free to contact us.

Authored by Meridith McCurtis and Suzannah Wimberly