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This page details the activities of the Center for Global Peace. Below are descriptions of ongoing projects as well as links to past conferences, diplomatic training programs and profiles of people who are putting peace into action.

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Iraq Human Rights Commission
AU-CGP is honored to be able to partner with the diverse community of human rights advocates in Iraq to provide technical assistance and support toward the establishment of an independent, Iraqi National Human Rights Commission, under a grant from the US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

Track Two Program                       A Multi-Track Diplomacy program focused on Turkey and the Southern Caucasus.

Rehabilitation of Iraqi Schools / Stabilization of Education (RISE)
A project charged with assessing the state of the Iraqi educational system and providing training for educators.


Iraq : Power Sharing and Its Discontents
The Challenge of Constructing a Permanent Iraqi Constitution

An International Conference

held Friday, June 11, 2004
AU's Center for Global Peace brought Iraqi political and religious leaders together with policymakers and academic experts for an international conference on the formidable challenges of sharing power and constructing a viable Iraqi constitution.
To view the Agenda, Papers, and more - Click Here

Friends in the Field:
Profiles of People who are putting peace into action in the world.

Cultural Diversity and Islam:
*** Slideshow Available ***

This conference examined one of the great contributions Islam offers to the world: cultural coexistence.  Cultural diversity in Islam parallels political pluralism in the West.

Oman Study Tour:
Training and curriculum development workshops for teachers to explore the role of culturally constructed identities as root causes of international conflict situations.  Ten teachers from the workshops were selected to go on a study trip to Oman.

Teaching for Peace:
Promoting the interdisciplinary study of peace through classes such as “International Theatre and Peace” and “Women’s Literature in the Islamic World.”

Conference on Contemporary Islamic Synthesis:
Details of the conference held October 4-5 2003.  


The Africa Project

A new initiative undertaken in collaboration with alumni, aims to:

●encourage the development of local capacity for conflict prevention, resolution, peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction in               ●provide conflict escalation time-sensitive early warning analysis of political, social and economic evolutions in African states;                           ●enhance immediate understanding of implication for peace in Africa.              Learn more -- Click hear

Iraq's Kurds: A Key to Stability in Iraq - An International Conference

This conference brought together all major Iraqi opposition groups to discuss peace in a future Iraq.  Nearly 400 attendees to the conference included dozens of State Department members, as well as academic and NGO colleagues from around the world.                        To view the Panel transcripts and papers, click here.

Islam and Peace in the 15th/21st Century:

*** Slide Show Available ***
Twenty-five scholars came together to discuss and represent the wide variety of Islamic thinking and contemporary trends from different corners of the Muslim world, including Europe and North America.


The Kurds: Search for Identity:
This conference analyzed in a global context, key political, economic and cultural issues confronting the Kurds and the region of Kurdistan at present and over the next decade.


Promoting Justice and Peace Through Reconciliation and Coexistence Alternatives:
This conference explored the relationship between the concepts of justice, reconciliation, and coexistence, and analysis of concrete case studies, to draw specific lessons for furthering reconciliation and overcoming obstacles.


American Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy Diplomatic Training Programs:
Training institutes for junior and mid-level diplomats from Arab States.  The institutes focus on four key areas: American politics and public policy making, U.S. foreign policy formulation and implementation, Operational aspects of diplomacy, and Current theory and methods in international conflict resolution and negotiation.



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