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We welcome your support and invite interested individuals and organizations to consider a financial contribution to join us as "partners in peace." To do so simply fill out the pledge form and send it to the address below:

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Also, if you are affiliated with or know of an organization with whom we should form a linkage, please ask that they send a brocure and program information to the above address.

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Center For Global Peace

American University seeks partners to assist in securing the foundation of the Center. We invite you to contribute to the Center’s endowment, which will serve to institutionalize the vision and four decades of service by Professor Abdul Aziz Said, to exist in perpetuity.  Each gift will help the University to advance the study and understanding of world peace in an inclusive, sustainable world order and contribute to dialogue among civilizations.  Please consider the level of support that best meets with your financial abilities and commitments.





Partners are requested to make a 5-year commitment, with annual donations in one of the categories outlined:


$50,000 & up









Your generous donation toward programmatic development and endowment of the Center for Global Peace will ensure that American University is a place for peace, and that its contribution to the evolving global society includes teaching, research and service that inspires and promote peace.



The Center Endowment -- $5,000,000
A lasting and powerful affirmation of the importance of expanded research and training to further our understanding of sustainable peace, this naming opportunity would allow the Center immediately to implement its major academic and programmatic objectives.  American University has a long-standing tradition of exploring cross-cultural communication and fostering inclusivity.  Fundamental to its mission is the furthering of global education and learning, achieved through intellectual, experiential and multi-cultural inquiry.  The Center for Global Peace is a powerful example of the University’s commitment to this goal.

Endowed Directorship -- $1,000,000
The Center’s director is responsible for developing and executing high-profile programs and activities.  The director will work with numerous faculty scholars across disciplines.  These activities will include planning and executing conferences and seminars as well as recruiting undergraduate and graduate studies and visiting scholars.  A named endowed directorship will enable American University to attract an outstanding candidate to oversee this important new center.

Endowed Distinguished Public Servant Fund  -- $1,500,000
The endowed fund will be utilized to recognize the life-long efforts of individuals in key governmental positions and leading roles in civil society around the world, and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between practitioners and scholars on critical issues of contemporary relevance.  Furthermore, these fellowships will provide a vehicle for documenting the vast experience and knowledge base amassed by long-term public servants, in order to inform academic inquiry and influence educational institutions that have the task of educating future leaders to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Endowed Scholar-in-Residence Fund -- $1,000,000
The endowed fund would enable the director of the Center for Global Peace to recruit nationally and internationally renowned individuals to teach, lecture, conduct research and/or facilitate cross-cultural dialogues at American University.

Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship Fund -- $300,000 and up
These awards exist in perpetuity, forever generating much needed scholarship funds and allowing for the recruitment of diverse and talented students to take part in Center and University academic programs. These awards will afford graduate students the opportunity to prepare themselves as future world leaders, to be of service in the global society that is now emerging.

Endowed Lecture/Conference/Cultural Exhibit Fund -- $100,000 and up
Lectures, symposia, conferences and cultural exhibits will extend the Center’s educational reach and provide a significant opportunity for learning, understanding and dialogue.  These events will enable the Center to provide a forum for an expanded and sustained discussion of issues of paramount importance to construct a cooperatively determined vision for peace and human solidarity.

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