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In this section, we provide a number articles written by Professor Adbul Aziz Said.  These articles are in pdf format and require that Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer.

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Toward Cooperative Global Politics
(excerpt) As the millenium approaches, it is not clear whether the world is coming together or falling apart. Our morning newspaper may trumpet the worldwide triumph of consumption-based capitalism or the emergence of western-style democracy in unexpected places. But when we turn on the evening news, it looks like religious or ethnic fanaticism, rampant nationalism—or the raw ambition of some regional dictator—is creating chaos rather than anything remotely like 'order' of any kind...

Other Ways of Knowing: Discovering Peace and Conflict Resolution
(excerpt) Logical and analytical thinking is common, useful and well valued, but it's not the only way of knowing. It's only the most outward way of knowing. Other, more inner ways of knowing are just as important. There are realities we can't know through analysis. yet inner and outer knowing don't contradict each other. Knowledge doesn't contradict knowledge...

Islam and the West: Three Stories
(excerpt) Islam is perhaps the most misunderstood religion today, both among non-Muslims and among some of the Muslims themselves. The saying of the Prophet Muhammad appears to have been realized: "Islam began as a stranger (gharib, i.e. exiled and unrecognized), and it will revert again to the condition of being a stranger. Blessed are the strangers."...

What Makes a Strong Leader? The Power of 99 Names
(excerpt) What makes a leader? How do we apply traditional values in a way that is appropriate for conditions today, with a view toward future developments? There are many questions, but few deeply satisfy answers. people say they want strong leaders. But what qualities make a strong leader who is truly good and beneficial for a community?...

The Whole World Needs the Whole World: Establishing a Framework for a Dialogue of Civilizations
(excerpt) We are living in a world where borders have collapsed, as has our traditional conceptions of space, time and distance. Cultures and communities are exposed and interact with one another in unprecedented ways as a result of revolutions in information, and we are discovering that our fates and futures increasingly depend on one another, making mutual understanding, respect and cooperation essential to realizing the positive aspects of our growing interdependency...

Educating for Global Citizenship
(excerpt) The world has reached a point of crisis that will require an ever increasing social capacity for creative imagination and reason.  We now find ourselves, as individuals, as states, and as a species, involved in a period of intense, and often bewildering change.  The systems of government, production, culture, thought, and perception, to which we have become accustomed are not working.  Within the growing milieu of crisis, our perception of the world grows increasingly intertwined.  At the same time, our experience of the world is fragmented and disjointed, constructed by the increasingly large gaps in access to knowledge, wealth, and political representation...

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