Ambassador Jaime Aparicio

Jaime Aparicio Otero became ambassador of Bolivia to the United States on Feb. 26, 2003. Ambassador Aparicio previously served as executive secretary for the Summits of the Americas Secretariat at the Organization of American States (OAS) in 2003, director of the Office of Summit Follow-Up at the OAS (1998-2000), and senior adviser of political affairs to the secretary-general of the OAS (1997-98). Ambassador Aparicio served as a career diplomat for the Bolivian Foreign Office from 1975 to 1990 and 1993 to 1997. He also held posts as vice minister and acting minister of foreign affairs and national coordinator for the first Summit of the Americas in Miami and for the Summit of the Americas for Sustainable Development in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (1993-97). In addition, Ambassador Aparicio was deputy director the Bolivian newspaper “La Razón” (1991-93), a professor of international law at Catholic University in La Paz, Bolivia (1992-93), and a professor of Bolivian diplomatic history and diplomatic law at the Diplomatic Academy of Bolivia (1985-92). He holds a degree in law from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz and a master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy from the Diplomatic Academy of Bolivia.

Source: The Washington Diplomat

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