David Lublin's Home Page

Welcome to my home page in the Department of Government in the School of Public Affairs at American University.

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Here, you can find information about my research, my courses, and connections to interesting politics web sites.  Students should check their course page regularly.   If you have any questions or comments, please email me at dlublin@american.edu.

Resources on my page:

Course Materials
Government 110: Politics in the U.S.
Government 710: Ph.D Seminar in American Politics
Citation Guide and Writing Tips
Old Courses
Research Information
Curriculum Vitae
New!  Federal Elections Project
My Book: The Paradox of Representation
Data for download (see also Federal Elections Project)
Politics Web Sites
Election Connection   Links to official sources of election results in all fifty states of the Union and the District of Columbia.
Newspapers (American and Foreign)
American Politics and Elections
Southern Politics
DC, Maryland, and Virginia Politics
Think Tanks and Interest Groups
Opinion Journals
Comparative Politics (emphasis on Canada)
East-Central Europe
Professional Organizations and Foundations
Antique Maps
Guide to Washington, D.C.  Includes information about bookstores, local universities and colleges, restaurants, transportation, theaters, museums, shopping, daytrips from the city, the beach, and local internet resources.


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