David Lublin's 2008 Travel Journal


I was mainly in Reykjavík but I managed to take a day to see portions of the Reykjanes Peninsula.


I traveled from Reykjavík to Geneva (Geneva 1 and Geneva 2), a French-speaking canton in Switzerland.


We drove from Accra to Kumasi then to Takoradi with stops on the way back to Accra in Elmina and Cape Coast. I also have a page of Political Signs from the 2008 election.


I worked in Windhoek (Windhoek 1 and Windhoek 2) before going on vacation at Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge (Lodge 1, Lodge 2, Sossusvlei 1, Sossusvlei 2) and then Okonjima (Okonjima 1 and Okonjima 2).


I took tons of photos at the two safari camps I visited in the Okavango Delta: Tubu Tree (One, Two, Three, Four, Five) and Little Kwara (One, Two, Three, Four). I made air transfers in Maun.

South Africa

I stayed overnight Johannesburg before flying back to the U.S. from Africa.


First stop on my post-election visit to the Caribbean (Kingston 1 and Kingston 2)

Trinidad and Tobago

I spent almost all of my time in the capital of Port of Spain: One, Two (Magnificent Seven), Three, and Four (Signs).

The Bahamas

I concluded my whip around the Caribbean with a short stay in the capital of the Bahamas (Nassau 1 and Nassau 2).

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