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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC    20016-8050

E-Mail: jadler at american dot edu
Office: Gray 206
Office hours (Fall, 2014): M 2:45-4:30, WTh 10:30-11:45, and by appointment. (Subject to change, with notice.)
Phone: (202) 885-3361
FAX: (202) 885-3155

What I'm teaching: Fall, 2014

What I've taught

If you're new to college, and trying to decide how responsible to be, then here is some information.

Research interests: I study representation theory of (and harmonic analysis on) p-adic groups. On the side, I have studied discrete optimization and fractal tilings of nilpotent Lie groups. More details are available on some of these. You can also see a list of my papers and preprints with abstracts, or without abstracts.
Take a look at: my academic genealogy, or my connection to Meat Loaf!
I was on leave during the 2005-06 academic year. Here is some of what I saw.
By the way, did you know that I work several jobs?
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