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Source: Human Rights Watch

Musa Hilal is the main leader and developer of the Janjaweed militia.  He is probably the single most important person to the creation of the Janjaweed and is proud of his role as a “government agent” and is a well known leader of the Arab supremacy group, the Arab Gathering.  Hilal has claimed to only fight the rebel forces in Darfur, but has actually been spotted at many Janjaweed raids and attacks.  His own idea of a jihad is hidden behind the guise of a simple “government agent.”  His true intentions, however, have already been revealed in a 2004 directive he sent to his military intelligence and security agencies to “change the demography of Darfur and empty it if African tribes” (Flint & De Waal 2005)

When Ibn Omar’s opposition forces, known as the CDR (Conseil Democratique Revolutionnaire), began flooding into Darfur from Chad in 1987, their presence helped fuel a civil war that was already under way between the Arab and Fur populations.  After his fall, Omar gave his remaining arms to Hilal and his men and fighting continued between the Furs and Janjaweed.  Hilal was eventually investigated and stripped of his “Sheikh” title.  A peace conference was called in May of 1989, the first time the term “Janjaweed” was officially used.  However, peace was short lived and Hilal was still attacking the native African Zaghawa tribe.  By 1991 his militia was being used to fight SPLA forces.