Agnes Raczne Horvath

Visiting Scholar, CDEM

Professor Agnes Raczne Horvath is a visiting scholar from Hungary. While at the Center for Democracy and Election Management at America University, she will study and analyze U.S. elections. Of particular interest to her are issues pertaining to the independence of elections and the selection process of those involved in the work of election institutions with respect to elected members and administrative officials. She would like to examine the level of knowledge, the background/schools, degree, gender, and motivation of the people involved. Prof. Raczne Horvath has a similar research focus in Hungary. In post-Communist countries, the institutions of democracy have been built only recently and important questions that need to be answered are: whether the institutions of democracy are independent from the government and from the parties in power and if not, how they can be made independent? Furthermore, is there any connection between the Communist era and the fundamental institutions of democracy? As part of her research she will compare these systems, and analyze the background of elections in the U.S. and in Hungary.

Prof. Raczne Horvath has been a vice president of the Territorial Election Commission in Heves County since 1998. Raczne Horvath is the director of Századvég School of Politics and head of political science department at the Eszterházy College in Eger, Hungary. She has had a long career in academic life - teaching at the college level since 1987, organizing and attending numerous conferences, and participating in several Hungarian and international research projects. She has been the founder and director of the Eger-satellite of Századvég Political School since its foundation in 1995. Agnes received her Ph.D. in 1996 in Hungary at Debrecen University. In 2001, she was one of the faculty staff who founded the political science department, and she was instrumental in 2006 in launching the BA program in international studies, which will be complemented by an MA program that is under accreditation. · (202) 885-1545