Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting
January 22, 2003

Meeting Agenda

Invited Speaker: David Yang, UNDP

  1. Robert Dahl, On Democracy, Part II and III - "Ideal Democracy" and "Actual Democracy" (pp. 35 - 144)

  2. Samuel Huntington, "The Modest Meaning of Democracy," in Robert A. Pastor, ed., Democracy in the Americas: Stopping the Pendulum

  3. Frederic Schaffer, Democracy in Translation - Understanding Politics in an Unfamiliar Culture, chapters 1 and 2, "The Definition and Study of Democracy," and "From Democratie to Demokaraasi" (pp. 1 -54)

  4. M. Bratton, Peter Lewis, and E. Gymah-Boadi, "Constituencies for Reform in Ghana" - The Journal of Modern African Studies 39, 2 (2001), pp. 231-259).

  5. Robert Rotberg, Ending Autocracy - Enabling Democracy, chapter 2 - "Decolonization and the Debut of Democracy and Authoritarianism" (pp. 13-48)

  6. Council on Foreign Relations Task Force Report, Threats to Democracy: Prevention and Response (Nov. 2002)