Below is a listing of news media coverage related to the Center.


October 9, 2009

The Future of Election Reform (conference)


May 12, 2008

Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship
Ian Urbina, New York Times

April 28, 2008  

Indiana Voter ID Law Upheld
Maureen Groppe, Lancaster EagleGazette

April 24, 2008  

NCSL Spring Forum: Issues to Watch in the 2008 Election
(MP3 audio file)
Alison Prevost

February 3, 2008  

A Clearer Picture of Voter ID
Jimmy Carter and James A. Baker III, New York Times


Aug 1, 2007

Voting Officials Face New Rules to Bar Conflicts
Ian Urbina, New York Times

July 11, 2007 

American University Team Visits Persian Gulf States to Assess Election Training Opportunities
American University Media Relations

June 15, 2007

Conference examines election issues
By Mike Unger, American Weekly

June 14, 2007

Non-Partisan Elections
The Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU 88.5 FM

Mar 20 2007

Islam poses no threat to democracy, say CDEM panelists
By Matt Getty, American Weekly


Sept 27 2006

Are America's Elections Free and Fair?
Warren Olney, KCRW's To The Point

Sept 27 2006

Maybe election day won't be a fiasco after all
Linda Feldmann, Christian Science Monitor

Sept 25 2006

Voter ID Debate (no longer available)
Bill Schneider, CNN

Sept 22 2006

New Push in Congress To Require All Voters To Show IDs
Transcript from CNN's "The Situation Room"

Sept 17, 2006

Major Problems At Polls Feared: Some Officials Say Voting Law Changes And New Technology Will Cause Trouble
Dan Balz and Zachary A. Goldfarb

Sept 20 2006

House Discussion: Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006
Daily Issues of the Congressional Record
(Click on the word 'House' on the September 20th line, then click on number 39, 'FEDERAL ELECTION INTEGRITY ACT OF 2006 -- (House of Representatives - September 20, 2006)')

Sept 9 2006

Another Urban Legend
Gregory Stanford, Milwakee Journal Sentinel

Aug 14 2006

American University Awarded Major Grant to Support Legal Reforms in Oaxaca
American University Press Release

Aug 3 2006

Mexico's mission: Bridge the divide

Jul 8 2006

Mexico's Election Lesson to U.S.
Robert A. Pastor, LA Times

Jun 1 2006

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Rolling Stone

May 15 2006

Justice Talking Presents: Federal Election Reform
Justice Talking/NPR, Court TV

May 12 2006

Reversing Course on Electronic Voting
Jeanne Cummings, Wall Street Journal

Feb 28 2006

The Court's Money Moment
John Henderson, Robert A. Pastor and Jamin Raskin,

Feb 23 2006

Election Reforms May Be Missing in 2006 Midterm
Melissa Drosjack, Fox News

Jan 29 2006

A Little Democracy or a Genie Unbottled
James Glanz, New York Times

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Dec 08 2005

Democrats Peer Ahead
New York Times

Dec 05 2005

Time to Reform the Presidential Primary System
By Jimmy Carter and James A. Baker III, Special to Roll Call

Oct 17 2005

Public backs voter IDs
Gary Andres, The Washington Times

Oct 02 2005

What Do TiVo and the Mac Mini Have in Common?
James Fallows, The New York Times

Sep 26 2005

Five Years, Sluggish Progress
USA Today

Sep 21 2005

State 'Receptive' to Idea of Paper Trail for Voting Machines
Washington Times

Sep 20 2005

Reforming the Vote
The Washington Post

Sep 20 2005

Panel Recommends Photo IDs for Voters
Brian DeBose, Washington Times

Sep 19 2005

Panel Recommends Paper Trail for Electronic Voting
USA Today

Sep 19 2005

Carter-Baker Panel to Call for Voting Fixes
Dan Balz, The Washington Post

Sep 19 2005

Report Suggests Changes to Voting
AP/Washington Times

Jun 30 2005

Election Reform Commission to Hold Final Hearing
Wendy Benjaminson, Associated Press Writer

Apr 26 2005

Carter-Baker Commission Mulls Election Reform at AU
American Weekly

Apr 21 2005

Carter panel examines voting
The Eagle Online

Apr 19 2005

Panel on Election Issues Hears of Money Problems

Apr 19 2005

Defects In 2004 Balloting Described: Panel Hears Pleas For Improvements
Brian Faler, The Washington Post

Apr 19 2005

Funding a top election-reform issue
Laurence Arnold, Detroit Free Press

Mar 24 2005

Jimmy Carter to Chair Election Reform Commission
The Boston Globe/Reuters

Feb 6 2005

Democracy Has to Start Somewhere
By Michael Wines

Jan 14 2005

American University's Center for Democracy and Election Management Establishes Partnership With the Council for a Community of Democracies
American University News, Press Release

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Dec 04 2004

Two Views of Elections in Iraq (Windows Media File)
An Interview by NPR's Scott Simon with Robert A. Pastor

Nov 09 2004

Law Fellows Observe U.S. Election
American Weekly

Nov 03 2004

Counting the Vote
A summary of the CBS 60 Minutes interview with Robert A. Pastor

Oct 23 2004

Legal Battle Looms over Voting Rules
An Interview by NPR's Scott Simon with Robert A. Pastor

Aug 07 2004

Voting Reform Far From Complete
An Interview by Scott Simon with Robert A. Pastor on NPR's Weekend Edition

Aug 03 2004

U.S. Ranks Third in Election Administration in North America - Much to Learn From Our Neighbors - According to Election Law Journal
Election Law Journal, Press Release

Jan 23 2004

Lessons in Elections From an Ayatollah
Robert A. Pastor, Los Angeles Times

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Feb 14 2003

Robert A. Pastor on The Paula Gordon Show

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Dec 19 2002

What the US can do as Venezuela Teeters
Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor

Oct 30 2002

Brazil Sets an Example in Computerizing Its National Elections
Larry Rohter, New York Times

Oct 29 2002

Bill Summary and Status | Public Law 107-252 Text | Public Law 107-252 PDF

Oct 20 2002

Punch Cards Endangered Under New Vote Law
Edward Felker, The Daily Journal

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