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Book CoverDemocracy in the Americas: Stopping the Pendulum
Robert A. Pastor (Editor), Raul Alfonsin (Foreword), Jimmy Carter (Foreword)
Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc., December 1989

Since the mid-1970s, there has been a rebirth of democracy in Latin America. At no other time have democracy and its institutions been so widespread in the region. But these new democracies remain incomplete or fragile in many countries, and this is not the first time that Latin America has experienced a swing toward democracy. Beginning in the late 1950s, a large number of dictatorships were overthrown, giving hope that the pendulum had swung decisively to democracy. Within a decade, however, few democracies remained.

Democracy in the Americas examines why the political pendulum in Latin American has swung back and forth between dictatorship and democracy, and it offers proposals on how to extend and reinforce the recent gains made in the region and prevent a swing back to dictatorship. In this work, some of today's most prominent scholars and statesmen explore the meaning of democracy and, looking at factors internal and external to the region, find clues as to why democracy has failed in the past in many Latin American countries and why it has spread in the last decade.

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ISBN: 0-8419-1183-5