Conference & Working Papers

Working Papers

Below are the working papers produced by the CDEM staff and senior fellows and faculty advisory committee members. CDEM invites members of the community to prepare comments to the papers, which can be emailed to for publication.

  • CDEM Working Paper 6: Dysfunctional Decentralization: Electoral System Performance in Theory and Practice, by George Guess. 4/20/2009
  • CDEM Working Paper 5: Voter IDs Are Not the Problem: A Survey of Three States, by Robert A. Pastor, Robert Santos, Alison Prevost, and Vassia Gueorguieva

  • CDEM Working Paper 4: Explaining the Credibility Gap in Mexico’s 2006 Presidential Election,
    Despite Strong (Albeit Perfectable) Electoral Institutions. by Todd A. Eisenstadt and Alejandro Poiré. 11/8/2006
  • CDEM Working Paper 3: Prisoner Erdogan's Dilemma and the Origins of Moderate Islam in Turkey. by Seda Demiralp and Todd Eisenstadt. 8/31/2006.
  • CDEM Working Paper 2: Elections by Customary Law in Oaxaca, Mexico: Expression of Cultural Rights or Violation of Democratic Electoral Norms? by Todd Eisenstadt. 7/9/2006.
  • CDEM Working Paper 1: A Plan to Modernize Voter Registration. by Robert A. Pastor, Daniel Calingaert, John Henderson, and Paula Hawthorn, 5/30/2006
  • Ballot Integrity and Voting By Mail: The Oregon Experience. A memorandum from Dr. Paul Gronke, Director, Early Voting Information Center to Dr. Robert A. Pastor, Executive Director, Commission on Federal Election Reform. 6/15/2005.


Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Conference

In March 2006, CDEM organized a conference to assess the reform and implementation efforts being carried out across the states to comply with the requirements of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). Below is a list of papers presented:

Conference Papers

North American Democracy Conference

In November 14, 2003, CDEM-sponsored a conference entitled, "Democracy and Elections In North America: What Can We Learn From Our Neighbors?". Papers presented at the CDEM-sponsored conference were published in the Election Law Journal, Volume 3, Number 3, July 2004.