Jun 12, 2008

EU Minimiza Gravidad de la Guerro del Narco
Pascal Beltran, Excelsior

Apr 22, 2008

Re-examining Nafta in Hopes of Curing U.S. Manufacturing
Elisabeth Malkin, The New York Times

Mar 6, 2008

The real trade questions
Robert A. Pastor, The L.A. Times

Aug 18, 2007

Montebello's summit is less than it seems
Robert A. Pastor, The Globe and Mail

Aug 17, 2007

U.S. won't budge on Khadr
Tim Harper, The Toronto Star online

July 2007

In the Line of Fire: Scholar Reacts to Conspiracy Accusations
Interview conducted by Mark Potok, The Intelligence Report

July 13, 2007

Stop, Stop! A North American Union!
Marcela Sanchez, The Washington Post

June 18, 2007

Immigration Called 'Diversion' For Shadowy North American Union
Nathan Burchfiel,

June 13, 2007

Effects of Softwood Dispute Still Simmer: NAFTA wasn't damaged by the softwood dispute, says David Wilkins; others differ but criticize Canada for not working more closely with Mexico
Lee Berthiaume, Embassy, Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly

June 13, 2007

Free Trade Still Politically Polarized Across the Continent
Laura Macdonald, Embassy, Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly

June 5, 2007

Broaden debate on North American integration
Don Butler, The Ottawa Citizen

June 4, 2007

Fear-mongers blocking closer Canada-U.S. ties
John Ward, Canadian Press

May 19, 2007

Urban legend of "North American Union" feeds on fears
Philip Dine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

May 2, 2007

Latin American Companies Make Big U.S. Gains
Clifford Krauss, New York Times

May 1, 2007

Mexican Lessons for Election Reform
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

April 12, 2007

AU diplomat presents research 
Kyra Smerkanich, The Eagle

Feb 18, 2007

NAFTA Should Have Stopped Illegal Immigration, Right?
Louis Uchitelle, New York Times

Jan 16, 2007

North American model parliament coming to AU
Mike Unger, American Weekly

Nov 30, 2006

Build economic bridges, not border fences
Robert A. Pastor, LA Times

Aug 14, 2006

American University Awarded Major Grant to Support Legal Reforms in Oaxaca
American University Press Release

Aug 3, 2006

Mexico's mission: Bridge the divide

July 9, 2006

Mexico's bitter election offers some lessons
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald

July 8, 2006

Mexico's election lesson to U.S.: The country's democracy looks messy on the outside, but its transparent system could teach us a few things
Robert A. Pastor, Los Angeles Times

July 7, 2006

Obrador rejects recount
Sara Miller Llana, The Chrisitan Science Monitor

July 6, 2006

Procedural flaws threaten stability
Jonathan Roeder, The Herald Mexico

July 5, 2006

Mexican vote in limbo
Danna Harman & Sara Miller Llana, The Christian Science Monitor

July 4, 2006

Conservative Has Slight Edge in Mexico Vote
James C. McKinley & Ginger Thompson, The New York Times

Mexico Girds for Legal Battle As Election Yields a Near Tie
Manuel Roig-Franzia, The Washington Post

July 3, 2006

On a Peaceful Election Day Across Mexico, Growing Signs of a Maturing Democracy
Ginger Thompson, The New York Times

On a Peaceful Election Day Across Mexico, Growing Signs of a Maturing Democracy
Ginger Thompson; Antonio Betancourt & Elisabeth Malkin, The New York Times

Why US ties with Mexico are tepid
Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor

May 24, 2006

Peter Schrag: Is the border a line, or is it more of a place?
Peter Schrag, Sacramento Bee

Apr 27, 2006

U.S. Firms say Mexican Boycott Could Backfire, Hurt Companies
Alan Clendenning, The Associated Press

Apr 25, 2006

U.S. Firms in Mexico Object to Boycott, Saying They Provide Jobs
Julie Watson, The Associated Press

Mar 31, 2006

Bush Seeks to Ease Distrust in North American Talks
Michael A. Fletcher, The Washington Post

Mar 30, 2006

Immigration on Agenda as Bush Meets Fox in Mexico
Ginger Thompson, The New York Times

Mar 28, 2006

North American Summit
Robert A. Pastor, Radio appearance on Kojo Nnamdi Show

Mar 21, 2006

Breaking Out of the Box
Robert A. Pastor, Newsweek International Edition

Mar 8, 2006

Help Mexico, lift all boats
Robert A. Pastor, Miami Herald

Jan 26, 2006

Corruption probe of Mexican customs agency dogs K.C. proposal
Garance Burke, Associated Press

Jan 23, 2006

Excelente tesina
José Carreño, El Universal

Dec 20, 2005

Cheap talk in the land of the free
Tim Harper, Toronto Star

Nov 2, 2005

Why the Americas have drifted apart
Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor

June 9, 2005

A North American Community Approach to Security
Testimony by Robert Pastor invited by the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

May 18, 2005

Panel Urges Greater North American Integration
Suzanne Presto, Voice of America

Mar 24, 2005

North American summit produces too timid results
Andres Oppenheimer, The Miami Herald

Feb 17, 2005

Mexican ambassador stresses democracy
Kate Oczypok, The Eagle Online

Nov 16, 2004

Killam fellows learn about their neighbors
Sally Acharya, American Weekly

Sept 9, 2004

Kerry's talk on trash betrays local battle: Polls show global opinion on his side, but Canada may be no better off with a Democratic president
Alan Freeman, The Globe and Mail

Aug 7, 2004

Voting Reform Far From Complete
An Interview by Scott Simon with Robert A. Pastor on NPR's Weekend Edition

Aug 3, 2004

U.S. Ranks Third in Election Administration in North America - Much to Learn From Our Neighbors - According to Election Law Journal
Election Law Journal, Press Release

Jun 27, 2004

Candidates in Canadian Vote Are Poised for a Dead Heat
Clifford Krauss, The New York Times

Apr 4, 2004

Out of the Box
Thomas Friedman, The New York Times

Feb 11, 2004

Question 2 - What are some of the results of NAFTA for Canada and Mexico? There have been many claims and counter claims regarding items of NAFTA, what has transpired under NAFTA?
Robert Pastor responds to questions submitted to PBS's Online News Hour through the Online Deliberative Poll.

Jan 13, 2004

US - Latin America Relations
The News Hour with Jim Lehrer
Hosted by Ray Suarez with guests Robert Pastor, Mark Falcoff, and Moises Naim

Jun 23, 2003

Commentary (transcript)
Robert A. Pastor/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Apr 21, 2003

Fondo de desarrollo sólo si hay reforma
Jos�� Guaderrama/EL ECONOMISTA

Feb 8, 2003

Proponen crear un plan agrario para Norteamérica
Salvador Camarena/Corresponsal, El Universal

Jan 2003

A Dialogue on Foreign Policy
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of Canada

Dec 18, 2002

Piden crear fondo para desarrollo de México

Dec 16, 2002

For Canadians, a Porous Border
Bernard Simon, The New York Times

Nov 25, 2002

Secretary of Education Rod Paige Visits Mexico City to Sign Binational Agreement, Tour Elementary School.
U.S. Department of Education

Nov 4, 2002

As Argentina goes, so go the Americas
Kiplin Pastor and Robert A. Pastor, Christian Science Monitor

Nov 4, 2002

More Study Abroad Opportunities on the Way
Kim Peterson, The Eagle

Nov 4, 2002

To Be North American: New Center Focuses on Canada, Mexico and U.S.
Brett Zongker, The Eagle

Nov 4, 2002

World Caps May Expand to North America
Editorial, The Eagle

Oct 13, 2002

Mexico Struggles for the Attentions of a Preoccupied U.S.
Ginger Thompson and Tim Weiner, New York Times

Sept 4, 2001

Bush's North American Agenda
Robert A. Pastor, The Washington Post