The foundation of the Center for North American Studies at American University is education. With an inter-disciplinary Faculty Advisory Committee of 44 scholars, we have been developing a new academic field that focuses on the three countries as well as the emerging region. We built the number of courses dealing exclusively with the whole of North America from nothing in 2002 to 12 by 2007 . We welcomed Senior Fellows from Mexico, Canada, and the United States to teach additional courses and undertake research, and over time, were able to secure Fulbright Scholars for both Mexico and Canada and to send and receive Killam Fellows. Based on that foundation, we now offer an:


  1. Undergraduate Minor in North American Studies

  2. Graduate Certificate in North American Studies

  3. The most numerous and wide-ranging courses given on North America in any university

  4. Expansion of study abroad partnerships with universities in Mexico (from 0 in 2002 to 9 today) and Canada (from 0 in 2002 to 5 today).

  5. Killam Fellows and other Student Scholarships

  6. Senior Fellows, Fulbright Chairs, and Diplomats-in-Residence

  7. Faculty Advisory Committee, Seminars, and Lectures

  8. Summer Institutes on North America, 2003-present