Undergraduate Minor in North American Studies

Courses examine the differences and shared characteristics of Canada, Mexico, and the United States and the economic, social, political, and international dimensions of North American region. These aim to challenge students and faculty to imagine a continental future.

Add a minor in North American Studies to your undergraduate degree. This interdisciplinary degree is flexible and many courses taken for the minor can count toward requirements in each of the Schools.

Details: Admission Criteria | Minor Requirements | Course Requirements

Admission to the Program

Admission to the minor requires a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 and approval of the program coordinator.

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Undergraduate Minor Requirements

  • 18 credit hours with grades of C or better and at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor which include:
    • one core 3 credit survey course,
    • 15 additional credit hours in North American-related course work, including study abroad in Canada or Mexico and/or an approved internship,
    • with a minimum 2.5 GPA in courses for the minor overall and a 3.0 GPA in the core course.
  • A minimum of two years of Spanish or French language courses with grades of B or better, or a level of communication competency equivalent to third-year conversation and composition, as demonstrated by examination given by the Department of Language and Foreign Studies (LFS) or other approved exam.
    • The Language Resource Center in LFS administers the Computer Assisted Proficiency Exam (CAPE) for which the minimum proficiency is 421 points in French and 440 points in Spanish.
    • The Educational Testing Service offers exams for which the minimum proficiency is 37 points in French and 39 points in Spanish.
  • Preparation of a significant research paper as part of one of the core courses or as a reflection on study abroad or approved internship
  • Approved study abroad in Canada or Mexico or an internship with a North American focus

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Course Requirements

Core courses (3 credit hours):

  • SIS-318 Topics in North America Studies: North America: A Union, a Community, or Just Three Nations? (3) or
  • SIS-503 North American Summer Institute: Discovering North America Seminar (3)

North American-related issues courses (6 credit hours):

  • ECON-358 Economics of the World Regions: North America (3)
  • SIS-400 Senior Seminar in International Relations: Politics of Regional Integration (3)
  • North American Social Movements (3)
  • SIS-513 Computer Applications in International Relations Research (3)
    (focus on North America )
  • Other North American topics courses with the program coordinator’s approval

Additional North American courses (9 credit hours):

  • AMST-400 Interpreting American Culture (4)
  • ECON-319 United States Economic History (3)
  • FREN-326 French Topics: Civilisation, Littérature, et Cinéma du Québec (3)
  • SPAN-356 Spanish Topics: Mexico-U.S. Border (3)
  • SIS-318 Topics in North American Studies: Politics and Institutions of International Trade (3)
  • The Foreign Policy of a Middle Power: The Case of Canada (3)
  • Approved internship or courses taken at selected universities in Canada and Mexico with the program coordinator’s approval
  • Special courses taught by CNAS Senior Fellows with the program coordinator’s approval
    • SIS 496/618 and GOVT 396/696 Topics in North American Studies: Mexico in the Age of NAFTA (3)
    • SPAN 356/656 Spanish Topics: Mexican-U.S. Border
    • SPAN 356/656 Spanish Topics: Commercial Relations
    • SIS 296 Selected Topics: Breakfast in the Americas
    • SIS 676 Selected Topics in Cross-National Study: The Americas in Comparative Perspective

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