Policy Engagement

The Center for North American Studies aims to educate, but it also aims to participate in the wider public debate on the future of the three countries and their relationship.

For that reason, the Faculty and Senior Fellows have devoted considerable time to the public policy component of North American issues. CNAS has organized seminars and conferences (see above) and invited public policy leaders to participate, and it has welcomed opportunities to testify before Congress and other public forums.

  1. Task Force on North America. Perhaps, the single most important effort to engage the public in the three countries was CNAS' participation with the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force for the Future of North America. Dr. Robert Pastor served as one of six Co-Chairs of the Task Force, which issued a report, Building a North American Community, which set a bold blueprint for the three countries and encouraged the Presidents of Mexico and the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada to initiate the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" in March 2005.

  2. Testimony. CNAS Faculty have offered testimony to Congressional Committees and other Forums on North American issues.

  3. Conference and Seminars.

  4. North American Investment Fund. CNAS has worked with the North American Development Bank to develop research and a paper on a North American Investment Fund to narrow the income gap between Mexico and its northern neighbors. It is also working the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean on a project on regulatory cooperation and transaction costs.

  5. North American Democracy.