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Overall Analysis

Brazil is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries on Earth.  They are an incredible people, who love life and enjoy every second of it.  From time to time, the nation goes through a period of turmoil, from which the country always bounces back.  There are many great features of the nation, as well as many issues that have yet to be resolved.

Information Technology is just one part of economy for this huge country.  The majority of the focus is put onto the companies involved in exporting the vast raw materials the land holds.  The "new economy" is just emerging inside of Brazil.  And in this new economy Brazil may eventually become a major player.  The journey starts here.


Brazil's biggest strengths in relation to Information Technology are in the education of the people.  Brazil offers excellent opportunities for gaining education.  There are many great universities and secondary schools.  (See IT Workforce).  

The federal government has come a long way to introduce and encourage usage of Information Technology.  The Brazilian e-government website is a great example.  This website rivals most other nations in functionality and features.  (See E-Government).

Information Technology Clusters have also started for form.  Some of these clusters are focusing on the great education in the local areas such as Rio de Janeiro.  (See IT Geographics).  These clusters will serve as a catalyst for research and development in the nation.  They also attract foreign direct investment.


On the negative side of things, Brazil has many issues to resolve before it can become a fully developed country.  There are many pressing social issues that need to be worked on before the public will embrace major technological advancement.  One of these issues is widespread poverty.  Brazil is known for its stretching slums called favelas.  These favelas are where millions of Brazilians live with little running water and electricity.  This issue in itself creates a major internal battle in the country to provide economic funding for people living below the poverty line.

The nation has also underwent many political changes that have made many good and bad choices on how to development and acquire foreign investment.  (See National ICT Policy).  This adds to the notion that Brazil is another Latin American country that is plagued by inflation and political instability.

There is also some evidence that much of the venture capital money that was used to expand the telecommunications infrastructure in the late 1990s is now gone.  There is still FDI available but it is much more scarce today. (See IT Financing).



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Last Update: December 10, 2003