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Welcome to the Information Technology Landscape of Kenya. This site provides detailed information on the issues related to technology in Kenya, such as the telecommunication infrastructure, IT policies, Electronic Commerce, E-Government, Computing & Internet diffusion, legal environment, and IT Geographics.

Overview of IT in Kenya

In general, significant IT developments in Kenya are underway. Hopefully after the elections the government will formulate integrated national informatics policies. As far as E-Government is concerned, Kenya has taken its initial step towards electronic governance. There are some government websites that provide information about the government. The privatization of Telkom Kenya which is currently the sole provider of basic telecommunication services is another step into improving the telecommunication infrastructure. E-Commerce has made progress in the tourism industry.




bulletCountry Information
bulletAnalysis: National IT Strengths and Weakness
bulletSize of Domestic Market
bulletNational ICT Policies
bullet Telecommunication Infrastructure and Regulation
bullet Computing & Internet Diffusion
bulletElectronic Commerce
bulletICT use by business
bulletDomestic Production: R&D, Software Development & Hardware Manufacturing
bulletIT Workforce
bulletIT Geographics
bulletIT Financing
bulletLegal Environment
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