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Information Technology Landscape in Canada



Welcome to "Information Technology Landscape in Canada" homepage   This website has been developed to evaluate and provide a comprehensive overview of the information technology landscape in Canada.  The topics will provide an in-depth analysis of Canada's information technology landscape as it relates to government policies and initiatives thus, its impact on business.  Canada strives to be a world leader in the use of information technology.  Working in close collaboration with the private sector, the federal government has concentrated on creating the most favorable environment possible in areas which are critical to the rapid development of information technology initiatives and  e-commerce.  The main objective of Canada's international agenda is to promote an international environment for global electronic commerce. Such an environment should facilitate economic growth, maximize the social potential, and support the needs of all.  To continue to grow as a global leader Canada must sustain a competitive innovation strategy and remain on the forefront of technological innovation.  The final analysis of this report will provide Canada's strengths and weaknesses going forward as a leading G7 country to be a global leader in providing international technology initiatives and e-commerce.

This report has been prepared as part of  the "Impacts of National Information Technology Environments on Business" course at The American UniversityKogod School of Business located in Washington, D.C.  This report has been created under the instruction of Dr. Erran Carmel.

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Last Updated: December 18, 2002