The Landscape of Information Technology in Senegal
Welcome to the IT Landscape of Senegal website created by an MBA student from the Kogod School of Business at American University, Washington, DC.
This web portal provides information as to the information technology (IT) landscape of Senegal. Provided herein you will find detailed information on each of the topics located on the left side of this page. The content will provide a brief synopsis of major changes that have occurred over the last ten years, such as liberalization and deregulation, while highlighting infrastructure enhancements and expansion, government policy initiatives, consumer trends, and comparisons to regional competitors.
Note from the authors: The content found throughout this portal was applied by researching various information providers, such as governmental organizations, educational institutions, institutes, and private citizens. I collected this cited information so as to condense various information sources into one "snapshot" of the information technology landscape of Senegal. However, this portal is merely a stepping stone into a myriad of information available. If you are researching information and communication technology issues for Senegal, do not utilize the information found herein as your main source of research. Instead, it is recommended that you utilize this information as a starting point in your research, since it is impossible to conduct a more comprehensive analysis of the issues covered within this portal only based upon the sources we utilized and the analysis provided. Also, please note that you will find contrasting statistical estimates within this content. Understanding that the interpretation of available statistical information as well as political motives of such agencies providing intelligence could skew reported estimates and figures (i.e. teledensity), we have provided contrasting informational resources that will enable you to make your own decision as to which agency's disclosures are more worthwhile for your research. Finally, note that many graphs, tables, and art are used throughout this portal, which have been provided by different sources, some of whom have no ownership label. In this regard, I do not claim ownership of any of the graphs, tables, or art used in this portal and appreciate the individuals and or agencies that allowed for such graphs, tables, and art to be utilized. None of the graphs, tables, and art used in this portal were restricted from being copied from other portals.