Welcome to the INITEB Report on the Information Technology Landscape of Botswana.

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The Republic of Botswana is located in the southern portion of the African continent and is bordered by Namibia to the left, South Africa to the south, Zimbabwe in the North East and Zambia to the north. It is a landlocked nation rich in natural resources and many unique peoples, all of whom speak distinct languages and have their own rich social and cultural heritages. The capital city is Gaborone.

This report comprehensively focuses on the national level policy initiatives in information technology, the market, infrastructure, culture and attitudes of the people towards ICT and its use.The Government of Botswana has embarked on an ambitious and strongly supported plan to introduce, revamp and energize the country's ICT policy and focus. In its 'Vision 2016'plan, the government outlines a vision for the future of Batswana society. It is a  bold and commendable vision that seeks to bring Botswana into the forefront of global society.