Broadcasting Technology

Botswana is served by three television broadcast entities (19)

  • Botswana Television (BTV)
  • Gaborone Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) (privately held)
  • Multichoice Botswana

BTV primarily provides news and current affairs programming to the nation. The BTV is a governmental agency and it offers other services such as ENPS that allow news writers and reports to collaborate. Multichoice Botswana provides a pay-per-view television across 50 video channels, 45 audio channels and 6 data channels (src: Botswana Information & Technology Guide)

Radio broadcasting needs are served by two private commercial radio companies in the Gaborone area

  • Yarona FM
  • Your Friend

and two non commercial radio stations

  • Radio Botswana One
  • Radio Botswana Two

Regulation in the broadcast arena is the responsibility of the National Broadcasting Board (NBB), that receives its mandate from the Broadcasting Act of 1998. It only undertook its mandate fully from the BTA when the last portions of the Act were put into effect. Unlike the BTA, the NBB reports to the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration. The leadership of the NBB is also appointed by the government with the 11 member board being picked from various agencies in goverment, academia and the Law society.

It is possible that in the future, the NBB and the BTA will merge and all policy making will be carried out under one body.