Size of Domestic Market

Poland's People

Poland is a country with a population of approximately 38,625,478 (July 2002 est.). (1) Also according to the CIA World Fact book, the age structure is such that 17.9% of the population is 0-14 years of age (male 3,535,701; female 3,361,515), 69.5% is 15-64 years of age (male 13,358,128; female 13,500,443), and 12.6% is over 65 years of age (male 1,860,274; female 3,009,417) (2002 est.). Estimates also conclude that 99% of the population is literate.(2)

Internet Users

"According to Public Opinion Research Center (OBOP) about 4 million people enter the Internet each month. There are 140,000 Internet domains and 90,000 e-mail accounts established. The total number of Internet users in 2001 was estimated to be 2.5 million."(3)

ICT Market

The value of the Polish ICT market is about $12.3 billion (US). Sales of ICT related services and hardware has taken a curious turn, "as hardware sales have fallen from 62% in 1997 to almost 43% in 2000, and sales of services and software increasing from 38% in 1997 to more than 57% in 2000. Another factor to take into consider is that use of the Internet is growing, as the Polish government has performed research indicating that the number of connections to the Internet is set to rise very rapidly both among private and corporate users." (4)

In Q3 2002 almost 189,000 computers were sold. The market leaders in sales were JTT with 11.9%, NTT with 11%, HP with 7.8%, and Optimus with 5.4%.

The mobile telephony market has three major phone network operators in Poland: Centertel, belonging to TP S.A. capital group, Polkomtel S.A. and Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa S.A. These three mobile phone networks account for more than 11 million customers, already accounting for more users of fixed telephone lines. It is predicted that by the end of 2005, every other Pole will have his or her own mobile phone. (5) "The number of Poles with mobile phones in 2002 reached the 11.5 million mark, and is projected to be as many as 13.2 million by the end of 2003." (6)


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