IT in the Russian Federation

Welcome to the ICT in the Russian Federation website.  ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology and the issues that are covered here include status of the ICT Market, Policy, Internet Usage by Individuals and Businesses, E-commerce and E-Government Initiatives, and many more.  By covering each of these issues, I have formed my own personal analysis of the ICT situation in Russia, which you can find here.


A quick overview of the current situation in Russia: (1)

  • Since President Putin has been in power Russia has been much more stable politically and economically.  Putin is expected to win re-election in 2004. 
  • Many economists expect Russian sovereign debt to be upgraded to investment grade after presidential elections. 
  • Since 1998, federal tax collection has almost doubled as % of GDP. 
  • In 1999-2001, devaluation and investment catalyzed growth.
  • GDP/capita grew faster in USD terms, and Russian consumers are taking advantage of their increased disposable income.
  • The banking system is recovering with a strong inflow of petrodollars.



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