IT in the Russian Federation

Russia: ICT Usage by Businesses


Businesses in Russia are willing to take the risks to capitalize on the potential benefits of e-commerce.  Several major industrial groups are going on and launching e-commerce initiatives.  Following current Western trends, large corporations are using ventures to open new markets and to increase operational efficiency.  Most significant is the commodity markets which have embraced the virtual marketplace concept.  The companies that have projects currently are Zerno Online (grain), Oil Online, (universal exchange), Global Steel Exchange,, Emetex (metals), and (universal).

Key Stats

  • 2001 Revenues (in US $ Millions)
    • Software: 6,007
    • ICT Hardware: 5,021
    • IT Services: 760
    • Data Communication Services: 391
    • Voice Telecom: 374
  • B2C Retail Sales in 1999 were around $2M
  • B2B sales totaled $90M in 1999

Industry Analysis

ICT applications in fuel and energy, metallurgy, banking, consumer goods protection, and trade are prominent.  ERP providers are benefiting from the many Russian companies looking to attract foreign investment or float bonds on the European market and need to establish credible accounting practices.  Several clients of IBS Company have taken advantage of their SAP implementation services including Rostelecom, Gazprom, the Ministry of railways, Lukoil, and Shell. (42)

Russia has proven a performer for several major players in the hardware market.  It is Intel’s fastest growing market, and “in the past year, software giant Microsoft’s sales in Russia have grown 80%, while Sun’s have doubled over the lat two years.  Both cite their Russian divisions as their best performers companywide in 2002.” (44)

Payment Technologies

There are several options for payment when conducting e-commerce in Russia. 

  • Cash on delivery
    • Most common means of payment
  • Banking cards (credit or debit cards)
  • Internet banking
  • Prepayment or pre-paid cards
  • Digital money

Obstacles to E-Commerce for B2B and B2C

B2B prospects for E-Commerce are much more appealing at this point than B2C.  B2C projects are significantly hindered by weak consumer purchasing power, low use of credit cards, lack of trust in the banking system, and a poor postal delivery system. 


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