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Archeology Remote Sensing - NASA Site
NASA's brief information page on the subject summarizes available tools, plus provides links to programs at Arenal (Costa Rica), Chaco Canyon (New Mexico, USA), The Peten (Guatemala) and other sites. See also:

Archeological Remote Sensing Geophysics Image Library
Boston University's project by Prof. K. Kvamme has compiled an image library of archeological sites studied by ground penetrating radar, proton magnetometry and related methods for revealing buried archeological sites.  The site includes resources on Bird Creek (Native American), Breed's Hill (18th century Boston), Empuries (Spain, Roman era), Whistling Elk (Native American) and more than a dozen other digs.

Athena Review
This is the online version of a popular publication that often carries information on use of remote sensing in archeology.  See and follow the prompts for the report on new discoveries at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

East China Normal University - State Education Commission (SEDC) on remote sensing in urban and environment archeology
Shanghai 200062, P.R.China
Tel:   +(86)-21-2577577 Ext.2946
Fax:  +(86)-21-2576217
Performs research in :

GIS Archeologists List
A world list of archeologists using GIS and related techniques.  Hundreds of useful contacts in this field, many with home pages on the subject.  Linked pages provide an extensive bibliography.  The site can be reached at
School of Archeology
University of Sydney
NSW 2006
tel:  +61 2 9351-2364
fax: +61 2 9351-6392
GIS Guides to Good Practice by AHDS
U.K Archeological Data Service (ADS) presents a relatively detailed summation, tutorial and guide to use of GIS in archeology.  The site was designed in part to facilitate standardization of GIS and archeological metadata deposited with ADS.

GIS in Archeological Survey
Survey and survey data for practitioners created by Khalid Gourad,

PAGES - CLIVAR Joint Paleoclimatic Project
This international initiative focuses on historical climate change, so its work will be of interest to archeologists.  Research covers the entire period of human habitation on earth including some emphasis on the past 300 years.


Remote Sensing and Archeology - MJFF's site

Remote Sensing Applications in Archeology
Located at, the ARSC is a working group of scholars at all levels of expertise interested in practical and theoretical applications of remote sensing techniques in archaeology.

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