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A leading GIS tool kit created by ESRI. ARC/INFO has built-in functions for sharing and processing geographic data, plus optional fully-integrated extensions for performing more specialized functions. The site is accessible via http://www.esri.com/software/arcinfo/index.html.

Aerial-Images and SPIN-2
Aerial Images is partnered with Russia's SOVINFORMSPUTNIK to put digital satellite images of the globe in the hands of the public via the Microsoft TerraServer project.  The Russian data features 2-meter spatial resolution images of  excellent quality for those parts of the world it covers. SOVINFORMSPUTNIK plans four new satellite launches by 2000 in order expand the collection.

Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.
Remote Sensing Field Instruments
4670 Walnut Street, Suite 105
Boulder, Colorado  80301

The Calmet service focuses on Computer Aided Learning in Meteorology. Clickable icons provide access to E-mail discussion list, FTP source, Interactive showcase and Information sources for CAL development tools. The site is located at http://www.met.ed.ac.uk/calmet.

C.E.N. Digital Satellite Images C.E.N. markets 2 to 10 meter resolution Russian satellite imagery. It can also deliver digitally processed data. Also at this site is information on software product lists, customer case studies, and trade show information. The site is located at http://cen.cenet.com/htmls/d2/sate.htm.

Chalk Butte Digital Maps
Located at http://www.chalkbutte.com, this site provides digital. topographical maps.  For information, send
email to topomaps@chalkbutte.com

Datron/Transco Incorporated
A one-stop shopping house for Remote Sensing Satellite (RSS) terminals. Located at http://www.dtsi.com/hdt.html.

EarthData International
On January 1, 1998,  of five companies merged to become one of the largest aerial data providers in the U.S. The partners  formerly operated as Photo Science, Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD), Piedmont Aerial Surveys (High Point, NC), Aero Contractors (Hagerstown, MD), Earth Data LLC (Albuquerque, NM) and EarthData Technologies (Hagerstown, MD).

European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS)
The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS N.V.) is Europe's premier aerospace and defence company.

Earth Observation Sciences (EOS)
Earth Observation Sciences are the creators of software designed for archiving and accessing large collections of spatial data.

EarthSat is highly active in U.N. and government-sponsored projects that combine GIS, socioeconomic data and in some instances satellite imagery.  The company is active worldwide with nine large-scale programs in Asia and the Middle East.

EarthWatch Incorporated
Digitalglobe developed the EarthWatch system to both facilitate the collection and  archival of high quality earth imagery.  This site, http://www.digitalglobe.com/products/system.shtml, includes a good primer on remote sensing basics such as resolution, orbits, spectral coverage, scene size, synoptic views, and turnaround time, as well as an introduction to applications.
Digital Globe is located at the following address:
1900 Pike Road
Longmont, Colorado 80501-6700
tel:  303-682-3800
fax: 303-682-3848

Earth Observation Magazine - EOM
Leading remote sensing trade publication. Located at http://www.techexpo.com/toc/eom.html.       EOM Web Directory is an on-line Yellow Pages features GIS and Internet marketing information.

Sophisticated software products enabling scientists to process and display remote sensing data. Located at http://www.rsinc.com/envi/index.cfm.

Environmental Research Institute of Michigan -- ERIM
ERIM is a private, high-technology organization that specializes in government contracts for advanced GIS, GPS and related technologies. The URL for ERIM is http://www.erim.org.

 ERDAS Incorporated
 A leading remote sensing/GIS package used by industry and academia, located at http://www.erdas.com.

Euromap Satellitendaten - VmbH
Euromap is the licensed distributor for Indian Remote Sensing satellites IRS 1 C/D data gathered over Europe.  It provides image index resources through the ISIS cooperative index operated by the German Aerospace Research Centre, ISIS.  Euromap also provides a gateway to IRS data gathered at groundstations operated by interlocking companies at Dubai, (U.A.E.), Norman, Oklahoma (U.S.A.), Bangkok (Thailand), and Shadnagar (near Hyderabad, India).  The site is located at http://www.euromap.de
Euromap / GAF mbH
Arnulfstrasse 197
D-80634 Munich,
fax:  +49 89 121528-79

Germany's  Company for Applied Remote Sensing (GAF), provides imagery and consulting on satellite remote sensing, digital image processing, and GIS.

Geoimage Pty Ltd.
Geoimage has developed statistical matching software for geographic image processing.

Geomatics International
This site is located at http://www.geomatics.org/

Geo Info Systems
Geo Info Systems Supplies an on-line directory of GIS and spatial information technologies.

Geoscan Remote Sensing and Environmental Analysis
Geoscan, located at http://www.geoscan.com/, specializes in interdisciplinary studies of pollution and eco-damaged areas as well as managing natural resources.

GeoWeb Interactive
GeoWeb Interactive offers a combination of search engines, online databases, newsletter, web discussion forum and information service center for Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Remote Sensing (RS) industries. Information is available via http://www.ggrweb.com/about.html.

GIS World Magazine
This homage, at URL http://www.gisworld.com, provides highlights of articles appearing in GIS World Magazine, plus some calendar and conference information.

Hegyi GeoTechnologies
Advertises a CD-ROM that explains the uses of radar technology in resource mapping, environmental monitoring and forestry. Located at http://www.conveyor.com/space/org/hegyi.html.

Illustra Information Technologies, Incorporated
Illustra supplies object-relational database software and tools for business, scientific and technical solutions. Illustra, purchased by Informix, is located at http://www.informix.com/.

ImageNet / ImageLinks
A by-subscription, image search, preview and retrieval service. This site permits you to preview and order satellite imagery ( SPOT), aerial photography (NAPP, NHAP), vector data (ETAK, USGS), demographic data (Census Bureau), and other data as it becomes available. Images and data sets are priced at the `one-time-user' rates offered by Space Imaging, SPOT and other providers. Imagery searching is via the TERRASOAR index.  The URL for the site is  http://www.imagelinks.com.  The company notes that "lengthy delays can be experienced when searching the remote archives."

Strong GIS and computerized mapping technologies. This homage, at URL http://www.intergraph.com, offers news and information about the Intergraph company and its products, services, and user groups. Users can download graphics and demonstration software free of charge.

Intermountain Digital Imaging, L.C.
Satellite imaging, digital mapping and image processing, plus a satellite image sampler can be found at http://www.idi-ut.com.

Khoral Research Incorporated
Software for data visualization and exploration, visual programming and software development located at http://www.khoral.com.

Launchspace Training
Seminars on applied space sciences, including several on remote sensing intended for engineers and specialists. This site is located at URL http://www.launchspace.com/training/index.html .Other corporate information is available at www.launchspace.com.

Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin, by far the largest defense contractor in the world, operates or is a major partner in scores of businesses that deal with virtually every aspect of aerospace, satellites and remote sensing. These include SpaceImaging, Euromap, Dubai Space Imaging Co. and many others.  Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Co. is located in Sunnyvale, CA; its famous ' skunkworks' for 'black' projects such as the U-2 is in Burbank, CA.

MacDonald Dettwiler
Major Mapping and GIS experience with operations worldwide
13800 Commerce Parkway
Richmond, BC V6V 2J3
tel:  604-278-3411
fax: 604-278-2117

NASA Commercial Remote Sensing Program -- CRSP
NASA's Commercial Remote Sensing Program (CRSP) is designed to help private-sector companies make better use of taxpayer-financed space-based remote sensing and related technologies. Accessible via http://www.crsp.ssc.nasa.gov/.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation: Satellite Images of the Earth (Pacific Area)
JPEG images of the earth from Geostationary Meteorological Satellites. Located at NTT's site http://www.ntt.co.jp/japan/GMS.

Orbital Sciences Corporation
Reports it is the world's leading supplier of small spacecraft and related systems.  Its OrbImage partnership announced a major contract for sale of imagery to the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office in 1998.  For information: info@orbimage.com   Orbital's Space Systems Division is located at:

21700 Atlantic Blvd.
Dulles, VA  20166
tel:  703-406-5000
fax: 703-406-3502
PCI, Canada
PCI develops software that takes raw satellite data and converts it into useable form. The PCI home page also includes current links to worldwide satellite data centers. The PCI site can also be accessed through C.E.N. Digital Satellite Images, which is an authorized reseller of PCI products, at: http://www.protoview.com/htmls/Services.html. PCI is located at http://www.pci.on.ca.

Radarsat International
This company is presently the clear market leader in synthetic aperture radar imagery.  RSI has also developed algorithms for basic processing of SAR imagery in four hours or less following acquisition.  See http://www.rsi.ca/info/data2/htm on RSI's international distributors.

Satellite Observing Systems
Located at http://www.satobsys.co.uk.

SeaSpace Corporation
This site, http://www.seaspace.com, offers on-line viewing of satellite images, information on SeaSpace products and services, plus links to related sites.

Softsource Incorporated -- Simple Vector Format
Simple Vector Format (SVF) is a graphic format capable of displaying vector images, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, GIS maps and stock market data. SVF is said to have greater storage capacities and greater graphic detail than the GIF format. Mosaic and Netscape are said to be adding the SVF format to new versions of their graphical browser software. The site is located at http://www.softsource.com/plugins/plugins.html.

Space Imaging
Space Imaging offers panchromatic, multispectral, and some 1-meter color enhanced imagery. Space imaging acquired EOSAT in late 1996. The combined company offers LANDSAT, INDIASAT, RADARSAT and some Russian imagery from http://www.spaceimage.com. EOSAT  is located at :

9351 Grant Street, Suite 500
Thornton, Colorado 80229-0939
tel:  800-425-2997
fax: 303-254-2215
email to :info@spaceimage.com
Space Imaging Newswire
Sponsored by Space Imaging, the newswire is nevertheless unusually even-handed and frank.  See also

Space Russia
This site is located at http://users.ev1.net/~larin/space_russia/.

Spectranalysis Incorporated
Specializes in digital analysis of satellite image data. Information available via http://www.spectranet.ca/spectranalysis.

Interbranch Association SOVINFORMSPUTNIK (Moscow, Russia), Aerial Images, Inc. (Raleigh, NC), and Central Trading Systems, Inc., (Huntington Bay, NY) have contracted to jointly market high resolution panchromatic Russian satellite imagery data under the trade name SPIN-2.

 SPOT Image

SPOT IMAGE Headquarters, France
Alternate Location in France; or SPOT Image Corporation, United States.
SPOT Image collects and distributes data returned by the SPOT series of Earth observation satellites. At least six million SPOT scenes  have been acquired and archived. A digital information catalog and quick look system gives users fast access to basic technical data for each scene received as well as  color quick-look samples. The URLs for the sites are as follows:

France: http://www.spotimage.fr
Alternate French location: http://www.orstom.fr/hapex/spot/spotimg.htm
USA: http://www.spot.com

SPOT's USA office are located at:
1897 Preston White Drive
Reston, Virginia 22091-4368
tel:  703-620-2200
fax: 703-648-1813

Star Vision Limited
Established in Hong Kong in 1989, this is an Asian distributor of French SPOT IMAGE data, Canada's PCI remote sensing software and Sweden's SSC satellite data. The site is located at http://home.hkstar.com/~starvsn.

TRW performs a variety of image exploitation functions including analysis, requirements analysis, collection management, and archive searches for private sector and governmental customers.

USA Data Incorporated
Commercial source of online data on "consumer lifestyles, product consumption, demographics, shopping habits, travel, voting, financial, sports and telephone information" broken out geographically. Information is accessible via http://www.usadata.com.

Vexcel Corporation
A leading systems engineering company with expertise in radar signal processing, photogrammetry and image analysis. Vexcel is located at http://www.vexcel.com.

Visual Numerics PV-Wave
Sophisticated visual data analysis software via http://www.vni.com/products/wave/.

VTT Remote Sensing Library
Located at http://www.vtt.fi/aut/rs/virtual/.

Washington Remote Sensing Letter
High quality, bi-weekly industry newsletter that tracks remote sensing policy, industry and related news.  Subscriptions, at last report, were $410.00 per year in the U.S. and $500.00 via airmail.
Editorial Offices:
1057-B National Press Building
Washington, DC  20045
Tel: 202-393-3640

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