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Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing -- AMRS
AMRS is an international not-for-profit association which develops and promotes marine applications of remote sensing technologies. AMRS operates the Center for Marine Remote Sensing located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. AMRS is a by-subscription service. Members can access a marine remote sensing database which contains more than 10,000 contacts. This site is located at http://www.amrs.org/.

AARS -  Asian Association on Remote Sensing
            Prof. Shunji Murai
               General Secretary, AARS
               Institute of Industrial Science
               University of Tokyo
               7-22 Roppongi, Minatoku
               Tel:  +81-3-1402 6231
               Fax: +81-3-1479 2762
               E-mail: mura11@shunji.us.u-tokyo.ac.jp

AARSE - African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment
            Prof. Peter 0. Adeniyi
               President, AARSE
               Laboratory for Cartography & Remote Sensing
               Department of Geography & Planning
               University of Lagos
               P.0. Box 3100, Sabo-Yaba
               Tel:  +234-1-1823938
               Fax: +234-1-820397
               E-mail: adeniyi@nigeria.pinet.net

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
               5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 210
               Bethesda, Maryland 20814-2160,
               Tel: +1-301-493 0200
               Fax: +1-301-493 8245

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
ASPRS provides information and services for persons interested in photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, and GPS. This site also offers users a browsing service of upcoming events, workshops, previously published articles and selected hot topics. The site is located at http://www.asprs.org/.
               5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 210
               Bethesda, Maryland 20814-2160,
               Tel:  +1-301-493 0290
               Fax: +1-301-493 0208
              E-mail: asprs@asprs.org

Argentine Association for Photogrammetry and Related Sciences (A.A.F.yC.A.)
Peru 562
(1.068) Buenos Aires, República Argentina
Tel: +54-1-342-7289 or 343-8407 or 8423
Fax: +54-1-342-7289 or 343-8407 or 8423

Association of American Geographers
            1710 16th Street, N.W.
                Washington, D.C. 20009
                Tel:  +1-202-234-1450
                Fax: +1-202-234-2744

Association of Chinese Professionals in GIS
               Chinese University of Hong Kong
               Geography Department
               Shatin, NT
               Hong Kong,
               PR China

Asociacon Espanola de Sistemas de Informacion (AESIG)
                Real Academia de Ciencias
                C/Valverde 22
                28004 Madrid
                Tel:  34-1-441-7799
                Fax: 34-1-442-4889

Association for Geographic Information
              12 Great George Street
               Parliament Square
               London SWIP 3AD
           United Kingdom
              Tel:  44 171-334-3746
              Fax: 44 171-334-3791

Australasian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (AURISA)
              P.O. Box E307
              Queen Victoria Terrace, ACT 2600
              Tel:  616-273-4054
              Fax: 616-273-4057

Automated Mapping/Facilities Management International (AM/FM)
             14456 East Evans Ave.
             Aurora, CO  80014
             Tel:  +1-303-337-0513
             Fax: +1-303-337-1001

Canadian Association of Geographers
          Burnside Hall
             McGill University
             Rue Sherbrook Street West
             Montreal, Quebec  H3A 2K6
             Tel:  +1-514-398-4946
             Fax: +1-514-398-7437

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung e.V.

EARSeL - European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
                 Mme. Madeleine Godefroy
                 EARSeL Secretariat
                 Bureau B-418
                 2 avenue Rapp
                 F-75340 Paris Cedex 07
                 Tel: +33-1-45 56 73 60
                 Fax: +33-1-45 56 73 61
                 E-mail: EARSEL@METEO.FR

European Optical Society -- EOS
EOS organizes "EUROPTO," educational courses and exhibitions about satellite remote sensing, imaging sciences and space optics. Available via URL http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/grss/.

Geographic Information Systems Association (GISA)
                Okabe Lab
                Department of Urban Engineering
                University of Tokyo
                7-3-1- Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113
               Tel:  813-5800-6964
               Fax:  813-5800-6964

IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society - IGARSS
Sponsors of "IGARSS'99, Remote Sensing of the System Earth - A Challenge for the 21st Century",  congress.

International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)
Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
This site, located at http://www.p.igp.ethz.ch/isprs/isprs.html, is the principal international union of national-level organizations for remote sensing and publishes the Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.  ISPRS provides regularly updated information about international congresses.

International Society for Optical Engineering -- SPIE
A non-profit professional society dedicated to advancing research, engineering and applications in optics, photonics, imaging and electronics. Located at http://www.spie.org.

National Weather Association
A strong site for meteorologists. Includes links to worldwide weather information, severe weather, weather service, weather talk, etc. - even a daily Martian weather report. The site has an interactive weather information network. One can get weather maps through e-mail. The site is accessible via the URL http://www.nwas.org/.

OACT -  Organisation Africaine de Cartographie et Télédétection
            Mr. Muftah M. Unis, Chairman
               African Association of Cartography and Remote Sensing
               B.P. 102-5 route de Badjarah
               16040 Hussein Dey - Alger
               Tel: +213-2-77-79-38
               Fax: +213-2-77-79-34

OEEPE - Organisation Europeenne d'Etudes Photogrammetriques Experimentales
           Mr. Christian M. Paresi
               Secretary-General of the OEEPE
               c/o International Institute for Aerospace
               Survey & Earth Sciences (ITC),
               Department of Geoinformatics
               P.0. Box 6
               NL-7500 AA Enschede
               The Netherlands
               Tel: +31-53-487 4339
               Fax: +31-53-487 4335
               E-mail: paresi@itc.nl

Open GIS Consortium, Inc.
Open GIS is defined as transparent access to heterogeneous geodata and geoprocessing resources in a networkedenvironment. The goal of the Open GIS Consortium is to provide a comprehensive suite of open interface specifications that enable developers to write software that provide these capabilities.

 Optical Society of America -- OSA
 The URL for the Optical Society is http://www.osa.org.

PAIGH - Pan American Institute of Geography and History
               Paul L. Peeler
               President, PAIGH Commission on Cartography
              12900 Riffle Ford Ct.
               Gaithersburg, Md. 20878
               Tel: +1-301-869 8192
               Fax: +1-301-869 9536
               E-mail: PeelerP@nima.mil

Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing Magazine
The official journal of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, above.

SELPER - Sociedad de Especialistas Latinoamericanos en Percepcion Remota
                Dr. R. Alvarez
                 Director Instituto de Geografia
                 Universidad Nacional Autônoma de México (UNAM)
                 Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, A.P. 20-850
                 01000 México, D.F.
                 Tel: +52-5-622-4339
                 Fax: +52-5-616-2145

Sociedad Chilena de Fotogrametria y Percepcion Remota
Instituto Geografico Militar de Chile
Nueva Santa Isabel 1640
Tel:  +56-2-6968221
Fax: +56-2-6988278

Spanish Society of Cartography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
General Ibanez de Ibero, 3
28003 Madrid
Tel: +34-1-534- 4632
Fax: +34-1-534- 4632

The Swedish Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (SSFF)
Royal Institute of Technology
Division of Photogrammetry
S-100 44 Stockholm,
Tel: +46-08-790-7347
Fax: +46-08-790-7343
E-mail: abg@fmi.kth.se

Turkish National Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
General Command of Mapping
Harita Genel Komutanligi
06100 Dikimevi-Ankara
Tel: +90-312-319-7740
Fax: +90-312-320-1495
E-Mail: Harita-g@servis2.net.tr

U.K. Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society
Produces a quarterly newsletter, holds regular scientific meetings and supports research in the field.

Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)
                 900 Second St. NE, Suite 304
                 Washington, DC  20002
                 Tel:  +1-202-289-1685
                 Fax: +1-202-842-1850

World Meteorological Organization
Includes a list of national weather organizations and their respective web or gopher servers. Located at http://www.wmo.ch/web-en/member.html.

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