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Archeological Remote Sensing Geophysics Image Library
Boston University's project by Prof. K. Kvamme has compiled an image library of archaeological sites studied by ground penetrating radar, proton magnetometry and related methods. Includes information on Bird Creek (Native American), Breed's Hill (18th century Boston), Empuries (Spain, Roman era), Whistling Elk (Native American) and more than a dozen other sites.

American University -- Project on Satellite Imagery and the News Media
Our site is located at http://www.american.edu/radiowave/earthnews. You're looking at it now...

CEOS -- IDN Committee on Earth Observation Satellites -- International Directory Network
CEOS-IDN is a distributed confederation of national data centers that compile extensive searchable directories of the use of satellite remote sensing and related scientific technologies.  CEOS -- IDN presently has three nodes, each of which maintain the full on-line library and archive.

1.  North America - Global Change Master  Directory

2.  Europe - ESRIN's ESA GDS
     ESRIN's GDS supports boolean keyword searching.

3.  Asia - Japan's NASDA

Education and Research in China.  This site is a jumpstation for scores of Chinese university, library and Academy of Science sites, including, but not limited to remote sensing and allied fields.

Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network -- CIESIN
CIESIN, http://www.ciesin.org provides worldwide information on human interactions with the environment. This CIESIN site is an entry point to a large number of earth science databases, and it allows users to simultaneously search different databases to identify and obtain data from various sources.For details, see:
CIESIN Thematic Guide  useful for studies of human impacts on environmental change.  Http://www.ciesin.org/TG/RS/RS-home.html;
CIESIN Social and Economic Data -- SEDAC a gateway to socio-economic data http://sedac.ciesin.org; and
CIESIN Mapping and Data Fusion Tool an interactive mapping tool, http://sedac.ciesin.org/plue/DD viewer.

Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing, CRISP
This Singapore-based ground station and analysis center provides imagery covering much of Southeast Asia and South Asia from SPOT, ERS, Radarsat International, Landsat and other satellites.  CRISP provides an effective imagery index for: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China (southern), India (southern), Indonesia, Laos,  Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar/Burma, Pakistan (southeastern), Papau-New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
Professor Hock Lim, Director CRISP, NUS
tel:       +65  874 3220
fax:      +65  775 7717
email:  phylimh@leonis.nus.sg

Department of Defense, Master Environmental Library -- MEL
MEL is an all-DoD one-stop Modeling and Simulation environment shop. It permits users to search for, browse and retrieve environmental data by providing keywords, regions of interest, time and/or latitude and longitude information. MEL covers atmosphere, oceans, terrain and space. It is located at http://mel.dmso.mil

Digital Elevation Catalog
Bruce Gittings' DEC remains the most complete single source of digital topographic elevation and related information on the web.  The catalog is located at http://www.geo.ed.uk/home/ded.html, or can be obtained by sending email to: geoinfo@geo.ed.ac.uk with the command message SEND DEM.  The catalog is greater than 200 kb in size.

EarthWatch Incorporated
This site, http://www.digitalglobe.com/, includes a primer on remote sensing basics such as resolution, orbits, spectral coverage, scene size, synoptic views, and turnaround time, as well as an introduction to applications. EarthWatch has announced plans to launch its own one meter resolution satellites during the next few years.

NASA, NOAA and the U.S. Geological Survey maintain  powerful and relatively easy to use earth data indexing and distribution centers, which are known as Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). Nine sites are now operating that focus on land features and mapping, snow and ice, chemistry of the atmosphere (including pollution), and related issues. The DAACs are accessible via http://www-eosdis.ornl.gov/daacpages/otherdaacs.html.See imagery index section for details.

Euromap Satellitendaten - VmbH
Euromap is the licensed distributor for Indian Remote Sensing satellites IRS 1 C/D data gathered over Europe.  It provides image index resources through the ISIS cooperative index operated by the German Aerospace Research Centre, ISIS.  Euromap also provides a gateway to IRS data gathered at groundstations operated by interlocking companies at Dubai, (U.A.E.), Norman, Oklahoma (U.S.A.), Bangkok (Thailand), and Shadnagar (near Hyderabad, India).
Euromap / GAF mbH
Arnulfstrasse 197
D-80634 Munich,
fax:  +49 89 121528-79

European Space Agency earth observation Guide and Directory Service, GDS
GDS describes ESA's own and many international remote sensing programs and permits downloading of a variety of useful software. This site features image browsing as well as keyword searching of a large library of scientific papers and books. GDS includes information for newcomers interested in Earth observation, plus well maintained hot links to many related WWW sites worldwide. The site is accessible via two URLs: http://gds.esrin.esa.it or http://services.esrin.esa.it.

Federation of American Scientists -- Space Policy Project
This non-governmental site specializes in hard-to-find information on military and intelligence-related space programs. It also includes  data on non-U.S. military space activities. The site is located at http://www.fas.org/spp/military/program. A unique resource.

Federal Geographic Data Committee
This site includes links to the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, plus entries for U.S. federal, state, university, thematic, international, commercial, and miscellaneous data sources. The site is located at http://fgdc.er.usgs.gov

J-Track Real_Time Satellite Tracking from NASA
J-Track is an easy to use NASA web site that permits real-time tracking of more than five hundred satellites from NASA, NOAA, U.S. Department of Defense agencies, Russia, Israel, Japan, China and other countries. The latest version of J-Track can handle ten simultaneous real-time tracks. Observed satellites include those for communication, weather, earth sensing, and other missions. The URL is http://liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov/realtime/JPass.

Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data IMAGRS - L IMAGRS-L@CESNET.CZ
To subscribe: send an email to listserv@LISTSERV.CESNET.CZ. In the body, type the following: Subscribe Imagrs-L first name last name. This listserv explores digital processing for remotely sensed data, as well as collection and dissemination methods.  Archive site at: gopher ://gopher.GIS.UMN.EDU/11/rsgis/lists/imagrs-L.

NIMA's GEOnet Names Server
This site in by far the best free utility for identifying place names, latitude and longitude, geographical features and similar information for locations outside the United States.

NOAA Satellite Active Archive
NOAA's Satellite Active Archive is a digital library of near-real-time and historical satellite data from NOAA's polar-orbiting environmental satellites. Currently, AVHRR and TOVS data is available. The site is available via http://www.saa.noaa.gov or via telnet at telnet:saa.noaa.gov.

Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing Magazine Home Page
PE & RS is the official journal of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and publishes the latest developments in photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and related technologies. This home page, http://www.asprs.org, includes a calendar of upcoming events and links to earth sensing centers around the world.
American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
5410 Grosvenor lane
Bethesda, MD
Phone:  301-493-0290
Fax:      301-493-0208

Radarsat International
This company is presently the clear market leader in synthetic aperture radar imagery.  RSI has also developed algorithms for basic processing of SAR imagery in four hours or less following acquisition.  See http://www.rsi.ca/info/data2/htm on RSI's international distributors.

 Reading University
This site, located at http://typhoon.rdg.ac.uk/Data/Global/global.html, provides world-wide weather images from many sources on the internet. The images accessible by region (Asia, Europe, etc.) are derived from polar orbiting satellites and converted to a standard format. An archive is held for 10 days and updated regularly. Various animation files of weather are classified by continents and types of weather data.

Satellite Imagery FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
This FAQ, located at http://geog.nott.ac.uk/remote/satfaq.html deals with imagery of earth from space. It combines a brief introduction with a guide to numerous resources available on (and off) the internet. It is the work of Nick Kew and members of the IMAGRS-L list. It provides useful,  information about remote sensing and satellite imagery, from legal and ethical issues to information on how to access imagery via a personal computer.

Descriptions of various product offerings by Space Imaging including sample panchromatic, multispectral, and 1-meter color enhanced imagery. Space imaging acquired EOSAT in late 1996. The combined company now offers LANDSAT, INDIASAT, RADARSAT and some Russian imagery. The site is located at http://www.spaceimage.com.

SPOT IMAGE Headquarters, France
Alternate Location in France; or SPOT Image Corporation, United States.
SPOT Image collects and distributes data returned by the SPOT series of Earth observation satellites. At least six million SPOT scenes now have been acquired and archived. A digital information catalog and quick look system gives users fast access to basic technical data for each scene and to quick-look samples. The URLs for the sites are as follows:

France: http://www.spotimage.fr
Alternate French location: http://www.orstom.fr/hapex/spot/spotimg.htm
USA: http://www.spot.com

This is a Microsoft operated site that markets relatively low cost 2 meter resolution data from the U.S. Geological Survey and the separate Aerial-Images - SOVINFORMSPUTNIK partnership.  The continental U.S. is very strong; outside the U.S. the information is fragmentary.  TerraServer can be slow and frustrating to use due to heavy demand.

Tiger Mapping Service
Tiger is the U.S. Census Bureau's incredible coast-to-coast digital map data base of demographic, economic, and related census information that can be sorted by country, postal code and other geographic features. It is accessible via http://tiger.census.gov.

U.S. Bureau of Census
U.S. Bureau of Census on-line gazetteer.  For U.S. locations only.

US Geological Survey USGS EROS Data Center
Located at http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/eros-home.html, this is the United States' principal archive for unclassified earth observation images and other data.  See the USGS GLIS Site below for details.

 USGS Global Land Information System -- GLIS
The US Geological Survey provides many of the best U.S. government sites concerning remote sensing. USGS archives all data generated by the Landsat system and by other unclassified systems operated by the US government, plus some data collected by foreign ground stations and sensor systems. Online imagery includes declassified intelligence satellite imagery as it becomes available, all minimally processed US - held Landsat 1-5 Multispectral Scanner (MSS) and Thematic Mapper (TM) data, a comprehensive collection of geospatial data on the United States, and AVHRR, SIR, Canadian and European data. The site is located at http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/webglis/. It is also available via Telnet at telnet:glis.cr.usgs.gov.

Wisconsin at Madison, University of -- Space Science and Engineering Center
Near real-time daily browse GIF images from GOES series satellites. Antarctic and global composite images, weekly SST, forecast images, half-hourly updates of GOES-8 visible light, infrared and weather data. For information contact gopher@ssec.wisc.edu. Available via URL at http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/index.html; via gopher at gopher.ssec.wisc.edu:70/11/gsdc.d or gopher:diamond.ssec.wisc.edu and via FTP at ftp:diamond.ssec.wisc.edu.

 WeatherNet 4. NBC4 Weather Channel
Good doppler information with links to NASA and many other weather-related and imagery sites.  Located at http://wxnet4.nbc4.com.

 Xerox PARC Map Viewer
This site includes the Xerox PARC Map Viewer, which is an HTTP server that accepts requests for world or USA maps, then returns an HTML document including an image of the requested map. Each map image is created on demand from a geographic database. Areas can be selected through a clickable map of the world located at http://mapweb.parc.xerox.com/map.

Selected jumpstations with extensive links to remote sensing organizations, universities and corporations worldwide:

American University -- Project on Satellite Imagery and the News Media
(http://www.american.edu/radiowave/) You're looking at it now...

ANZLIC (The Australia New Zealand Land Information Council)
(http://www.anzlic.org.au/anz_site.htm) Provides a comprehensive list of remote sensing sites in Australia and New Zealand as well as throughout the world.

Eurimage Links to Service Providers
This site provides scores of  links for all sorts of government, business and university sites.  Located at http://www.eurimage.com.

GeoWeb Interactive
WWW Online Services For Information Technology, Geo Science/Engineering.

VTT Remote Sensing Group
(http://www.vtt.fi/aut/rs/) This is  the home of the WWW Virtual Library of Remote Sensing Organizations.It includes a very broad collection of links to remote sensing sites worldwide.

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