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ACMAD - Centre African des Applications de la Meteorologie pour le Developpment
ACMAD's objective is to contribute to sustainable development in Africa. The main activities are short and medium range weather forecasting, climate watch, seasonal forecasting, and  training of African meteorologists in new techniques and technologies. ACMAD is composed of 53 member states, and is headquartered in Niamey, Niger Republic.

Chuck's Weather Page
Information about GOES and polar orbiting satellites, and about WEFAX equipment. Some weather images available on-line at this site,

Dundee University
Archive of NOAA AVHRR/HRPT images of Europe for the last 15 years, with on-line access to lower resolution images (Quicklooks) for the last six months, and a full resolution data service on request. The site is located at

Earthwatch Inc.
A good source of weather information and imagery. Examples of images available on-line are infrared images of U.S. Hurricanes, 3-D images of Europe and 3-D cloud imagery of South America. Located at   This company should not be confused with EarthWatch, the satellite remote sensing start-up company.

European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF)
The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an international organization specializing in medium-range weather forecasting and climatology.  It is supported by 18 European Member States.  Site is in English, French and German.

European Meteorological Satellite Organization (EUMETSAT)
EUMETSAT is an inter-governmental organization created through an international convention agreed to by 17 European States.

High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM)
The aim of the project is to develop and maintain a numerical short-range weather forecasting system for operational use by participating institutes in Europe.

INTELLiCast Home page
An online guide to weather and skiing information worldwide from NBC News located at Site also includes information about the network's news programming and supplies updated information about current news items worldwide.

Interactive Weather Browser
At this site one can get current weather conditions about the United States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba by selecting the area on a clickable map or by selecting the location from a list of cities and regions. Located at

Julian Onions' Various Weather Sources Home Page
This site,, has on-line weather images collected by Meteosat in JPEG format . Images are held at Nottingham University, England. The site also has general information about all types of weather satellites.

Karlsruhe University (Weather Central)
Located at, this site produces relatively quick and complete access to European and Middle Eastern weather images derived from European satellites.

Meteorology Resources FAQ (UCAR)
Sources of weather data, including research data, CD-ROMs, and internet resources located at

Meteosat images over Europe
This  site,, is a repository for Meteosat images over Europe.

National Weather Association
A strong site for meteorologists. Includes links to worldwide weather information, severe weather, weather service, weather talk, etc--even a daily Martian weather report. The site,, has an interactive weather information network. One can also get weather maps through e-mail.

NOAA Severe Storm Spotters Guide
Located at, this site includes helpful diagrams and more than 150 photos.

Pacific Satellite Images
Pacific satellite images from the Geostationary Meteorological Satellite, the groundstation at Himawari, Japan, and from NOAA environmental satellites. The site is located at

PAGES and CLIVAR Climate Research
Located at, this site provides a focus for paleo-enviromental studies of climate change worldwide.
International CLIVAR Project Office
Bundesstrasse 55
D-20146 Hamburg
tel:  +49-40-41173 extension 412
fax: +49-40-41173 extension 413

Penn State University Weather Pages
Very useful site for weather information. Forecasts of temperatures, wind, precipitation and other parameters are available for numerous cities, mostly in the northeastern US. Includes QTVR movies of hurricane, sea-surface temperatures and topographic data, as well as hourly weather statistics and ship weather reports from around the world. The URL for the site is

 Purdue University/UNISYS Corporation Weather site
Located at, this site has a general purpose weather visualization tool for current and archived meteorological data.

Reading University
This site provides world-wide weather images from many sources on the internet. The images are accessible by region (Asia, Europe, etc.) and are derived from polar orbiting satellites, then converted to a standard format. An archive is held for 10 days and updated regularly. Various animation files of weather are classified by continents and interesting weather data. The URL for this site is

Rosenstiel School, University of Miami
Located at, this site has a good collection of weather satellite imagery.

Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Site is located at  It offers near real-time daily browser for GIF images from GOES series satellites. Antarctic and global composite images, weekly SST, forecast images, half-hourly updates of GOES-8 visible light, infrared and water data.

U.S. Naval Observatory  Directory of Weather Images
Directory of recent "weather.gif" images from NOAA and Meteor polar orbiting weather satellites is located at

Located at, this site houses sophisticated training, software and educational projects aimed at universities interested in upgrading their meteorological programs.

 University of Hawaii Satellite and Oceanography Site
 AVHRR images within the radius of reception of the university's HRPT station and from a station in San Diego. The processed images are available usually within 30 minutes of NOAA-12 passages. GMS images of the full GMS coverage area are available via

Virginia Climatology Office Home Page
Located at, the site has good links to NOAA, and has much local DC and VA weather data as well as some satellite images in GIF form.

WeatherNet 4. NBC4 Weather Channel
Washington, D.C. weather information. Weather Net is a national leader in innovative web and television broadcast use of weather imagery. It has good doppler weather information with links to NASA and many other weather-related and imagery sites.

The Weather Channel
Located at, this site is similar to it's television counterpart.

 Weather Images Via FTP from the University of Maryland
This FTP site houses an archive of weather images. It is located at, Logon as Anonymous. Password is your email address. Change directories to /pub/wxp.

 WeatherNet at University of Michigan
Imagery, weather data and a huge list of weather sites is located at

World Meteorological Organization
Includes a list of national weather organizations and their respective web or gopher servers. Also contains NMHS database information. Located at

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